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What $Degen Can Be and Why Price Doesn’t Matter

Bringing the Fun back to Crypto

Let me break it down why price action is irrelevant.

Farcaster’s destiny is what @Balaji calls a network state. You cannot have that without a currency. (Need to write on why I think this.)

All the Farcaster clients builders can build around this. Same with the other builders. The OG’s can spend the Degen they were airdropped on quality projects. The token can be worth $0. It can just be for fun. As long as it’s distributed internally and a robust economy is created. Price doesn’t matter.

This place is full of techno optimists and people who want to build and contribute. I have high confidence that we can build a Disneyland for our Disney dollars. It helps us separate Farcaster the protocol and Warpcast. Let Warpcast experiment with Warps. The network doesn’t need to be held to that. Everyone else can experiment with $Degen.

The name $Degen is also beautiful. It means we can be free to spend it and not take it seriously. That’s SO IMPORTANT. It’s important to not take ourselves too seriously and the spirit of $Degen captures that. You combine that with a room full of techno optimist builders and a bunch of people who are incentivized to play in this room (aka users for Farcaster clients and apps.) Holy shit that experiment sounds exciting as fuck!

You get The PERFECT mix of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. $Degen token is just for fun, I want to build cool shit, but also, holy fck this thing could be worth millions. But even if it isn’t, being Degen is fun, and Top Hats are fun, and fuck this is actually fun.

I don't care how bullish you are on the future Anon, you're not bullish enough.

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