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Hello, my name is thoughtcrimeboss. I would like to welcome any fellow thought criminals or potential thought criminals to the Thought Crime Trap House. Anything goes in the Trap House, just please remember to pick your brain up off the carpet when you leave so nobody steps on it, falls on it, takes a nap on it, etc. I'm in the process of quitting my day job after a decade of misery doing something I didn't want to do (I'm now down to 2 days a week). I am instead attempting to finally pursue my long time dream of being a full time freelance writer/crypto degen/airdrop hunter. I've realized that if I keep waiting for the right time it's never going to happen, so the right time is right fucking now. I first became interested in crypto in 2017 and what started as a hobby eventually became a passion of mine as I fell down the rabbit hole and realized just what the potential of crypto really is. Unfortunately I never had that much fiat to actually invest so I had to bootstrap my modest portfolio from faucets, airdrops, and the occasional crypto writing gig. This of course led to lots of scenarios where I'd make 20x on some random token but I only had $30 to invest into it. This works both ways though, there were also those times where I would have gotten rugged hard if I had put more than $30 into a token. I always followed the old don't invest what you can't afford to lose rule, and I may have missed some opportunities because of it but at least I never spent my rent money on Safemoon or something. It's a lot harder to make money in crypto if you are living in a cardboard box with no electricity/internet.

So I may not be rich yet, I like to think I am upper lower class aspiring to be in the lower middle class. I may want a Tesla one day but I'd be happy with a gently used Honda Civic. Luckily for me, crypto is about so much more then making money or memes, it is literally one of the best hopes we have for saving people from tyranny worldwide and that's what really drives me to be in the space. Take away all the memes and degen craziness and you still have something that's fucking awesome on a fundamental level, and that is a financial system that is permissionless and outside state control. Now it's our job to keep it that way. (Please donate to help the Tornado Cash developers, the State is going after them for the "crime" of writing code to help people protect their privacy)

I have accumulated quite a bit of knowledge and opinions that I would like to share through my writing, which is one of my other passions in life. I don't remember a time where I didn't want to be a full time writer, and I figured I better get on with it since there's only like a year left before AI is writing everything (support human made content!). I was literally (more like literaryally) born with a handwritten manuscript in my hand containing a fine example of the “great American novel”, but tragically it was too soaked in bodily fluids to be legible. I have been trying to recreate it ever since.

My goal is to reach 690 paid subscribers combined across various platforms by the end of 2024. I want to turn the Thought Crime Trap House into a brand of sorts and eventually invite other writers in to produce content for it, but for now it's just me. What kind of content will you see here if you stick around? I am going to write about the things that are important to me, such as but not limited to cryptocurrency, privacy, free speech, natural rights, homesteading, open source software, personal development, politics/current events, and finances. They say as a freelance writer you need a "niche"; I say I don't want to be stuck in a box (cardboard or otherwise), so I'll write about whatever the fuck I want to write about. However there will be a general focus on crypto, freedom, and privacy for now.

To start out, I'm doing a series of tips and guides for broke ass mother fuckers (BAMFs) who are trying to get into crypto (As a slightly less broke ass mother fucker now myself, I feel it is my duty to give back and make other broke asses into slightly less broke asses via the gifts of cryptocurrency). Also, for the readers who are more experienced with crypto, I will be doing a series looking into the various stable coin alternatives to USDC and USDT for those who don't want to use centralized censorable crap (triple C's, not the red kind). I'll probably take these threads and turn them into blog posts as well on various platforms until I find a good fit for my content. I feel like I can stand out more somewhere less crowded than X, but I might as well post on X too. There are currently 899,345 new social crypto platforms and I'm going to post on every goddamn one of them, and eventually someone will read my work. So to all the broke ass mother fuckers out there trying to make it, LFG because WAGMI!!!

Tips are always appreciated at thoughtcrimeboss.eth

Send me BTC at bc1qv94sfupa0lkhyw8736yn8t98ylqg3fwwj04wan0zta5d66gstf2ssjs9g5

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