catch-up and kafka (again)

today, june 3, marks 100 years since kafka's death at age 40 from complications due to tuberculosis. his fascinating mind has left its indelible imprint upon our collective consciousness: how many other writers have been worthy of their own adjective?

like basically everyone else, i read metamorphosis in high school. but taking a deeper dive into kafka's life and other works, it's clear how much of an influence he has had on the creative minds of the last 100+ years.

yet i am most fascinated by what kafka has become in the 21st century: a romantic icon, much-adored by booktokkers and lonely internet girls. his letters to milena stand out the most here, of course, and perhaps even more so because her letters are destroyed: we see only his side of things, and in some way it is like the letters are written straight to the reader's heart. we become milena, living a brief and tumultuous love affair that in reality occurred far more within letters than outside of them. the kind of love that breeds the most creativity is the kind that lives in dreams.

it is 2024, has the love letter died?

updates: i have a live-generated collection coming out this month i'm really excited to share it with the world. more details coming soon. some other exciting little projects are ongoing as well!

latest work:

i started a new series called "autocomplete." i used to make these back at the beginning of my internet diary project, over two years ago... it’s interesting to explore yourself through your predictive text algorithm: what does my algorithm tell me about myself? are there hidden truths to be found in predictive text?

i'm thinking about ways to expand this and make it more interesting.

and another piece i made this week: "it wasn't your fault."


today i'll finish up my submission for claire silver's 7th ai contest; it's something a bit more funky and fun. ♡˚₊‧✩

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