the contours of a dream – coming to on july 16

i awaken in a world that isn’t mine. eerie and desolate, the weight of a loss i can’t quite remember washes over me. i thought i knew what time was, but it has lost its meaning in a dawn that stretches its fingers toward eternity. the air is different here: sharper, thinner, lighter. can you imagine the sound of a planet where you are the only one breathing? i do not know if this is future or past, whether this place is forgotten or still unknown. my unspeakably fragile vessel of sinew and synapse is all that carries me forward. have i been here before? or am i simply tracing the contours of a dream?

about the collection

the contours of a dream is about the murky spaces that comprise the human psyche: what secrets lie in the unexplored corners of (sub)consciousness? the collection follows the path of a faceless figure wandering through chaotic and confusing states of mind, ever in search of scarce moments of tranquility.

these dreamscapes, “imagined” with the help of AI, encourage the viewer to reflect upon their own disposition. awake or asleep, where does your mind take you? what is it trying to say, and are you listening?

each generation is completely unique and created at the time of mint

the contours of a dream is a long-form, live-minted AI collection: each piece is uniquely generated at the time it is minted, tying the image seed to the blockchain transaction hash. this approach adds an element of randomness: although guided by parameters, or “contours,” AI fills in the rest of the “dream.”

collection themes

growing up as a “third culture kid,” and a "girl online," much of my work focuses on themes of connection, loneliness, longing, and what it truly means to be human — particularly in our hyper-technological era: never before have we been so connected, yet felt so lost.

the contours of a dream delves deeper into these topics, exploring dark and isolating mental states, contrasted with occasional glimpses of a potentially different, more serene reality. it asks the viewer to explore their own psyche, to take a look at disturbances just beneath the surface, and to think of ways to confront them.

if you've been following me for a while, you might also notice red threads to some of my earlier work, such as tell me, stranger — what haunts you?

whitelist (free mint) giveaways & logistics

stay tuned on farcaster / lens / twitter as i will be announcing and running a giveaway for whitelist spots (free mint) very shortly.

july 16, 8pm CET: whitelist mint
july 17, 8pm CET: public mint, 48 hours
platform: on solana
price: .3 sol
the collection is limited to a maximum of 333 pieces.

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