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Consciously Uncoupling

from crypto. From WAGMI to NGMI: What Can Be Unburdened by What Has Been

Coping with the market dump, remembering we’re all here for the tech and the art.

We’re about to head over to Brussels for ETHcc, where we’ll be hosting afk, rAAVE and Open Finance day - but I did not want to let the week slip without an update on what’s happening in our onchain world. 

I won’t get into the whole down only stuff, because I will end up in a rant. Instead, I will be addressing a topic that has all my attention (contingent to market conditions):


Iwo Cuckfella <3

The European Fine Art NFTs Discords have already been paying attention to Solana NFTs for a long time. Jared Madere from Yeche Lange brought some of the artists to his Orb Club /yechelange and we’ve all delightfully collected them. However, I could not fathom downloading yet another wallet, let alone buying $SOL, so I was admiring the incredible artwork being minted there from the sidelines. 

Mifella is a collective of artists, some anon, some not so much, that organized to create artwork in response to Milady. They are all exceptionally talented - and I don’t know much about them, to be honest, but I know that they like to have fun and co-create. Through combining AI, drawing and god knows what else, they create super interesting art, that seems and feels as a regurgitation of a combination of others. 

I made it a personal mission to bring them to Lens, and in the past few weeks, they have been deploying the most interesting content there. The other day at home, we were planning to wrap up the day rewatching Succession, when I saw that Patrician, from the Mifella collective, had sent me a message. It was a promo video for the Mifella Orb Club. This is the first time that at home, Succession is ignored to spend an hour looking at the Orb feed, collecting and engaging with the Mifella, rc_basilisk and so many more artists. The feed is addictive right now. But it’s a good addiction, full of great stuff. 

And since Orb tips are now live - you can now signal what you’re loving on the feed.

On another side of Lens, the writing contest we’re hosting with Kiwi and t2 has exceeded our expectations so far. We prompted writers to reflect about the web3 platforms we use, and their information diet - the responses to the prompt are just exceptional. Today’s READ section will highlight all the Kiwi writers. 


Mifella Genesis by g_oo_f and Heavenly Daze


- Joe being Joe

- This Decentralized Memes hey post (vintage but excellent)

- The week in crypto by Superluminal

READ - Lens x Kiwinews x t2 contest edition (+ Benoit)

We’ll have more submissions, and it’s also worth noting that I had other stuff for the READ section, but I’ve been really happy with the contest submissions. Jackk’s reflection really stuck with me: 

I am Giacomo IRL. I am Jaack onchain. I am a /tennis amateur player, and I work on /avascan and /routescan. I love /travel, /food and /football. I am all these things, and each one of these is me. My identity is more fluid, complex and complete than it's ever been. Yet, it represents me and what I do, and helps me find new friends, interests and ideas.

And any new agorà, virtual town square that exists, will be built around this idea: for identities to be interoperable, interests to be niche, and ideas and societies to be built with ease.

Asami at Lens Night Out Tokyo

I’m also leaving Kay’s corner for next week, but I did not want to pass the opportunity to congratulate her and Asami for the incredible LENS NIGHT OUT Tokyo Meetup last Sunday. We’re so grateful for you two <3 Here’s their recap. 


And of course, before I leave you - catch us in Brussels. 

Christina will be interviewing Latashá!!!! On a fireside at SheFi and I’ll be presenting Freedom to Transact for Aave at the same event.

We’ll host a new afk and I can finally reveal some of the speakers - Vitalik and Post Polar. If these are the first speakers I can reveal, imagine the rest. And the MCs are none other than JessyFries and Carlos Beltran, summoner of $bonsai - AND we will have Latashá performing too!

We’ll also be at Open Finance Day with incredible DeFi leaders, and our event partners Aptos, Uniswap and Chainlink (speakers to be revealed tomorrow)

And of course we'll have rAAVE. Shoutout to this person that made me chuckle (and tweeted this after the GHO pass sold out):

Hoping to survive this upcoming week - if I don’t you’ll find out because there will be no newsletter next Friday/Saturday.

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