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The Blockchain Landscape

My Fourth Update For DAOpunks Cohort 4

If you’re interested in blockchain, you’re one of only 500 million or so people around the globe who are. I guess that’s reflected in crypto’s “we’re still early” cliché, but when you truly think about it, that this is cutting-edge technology and we are early adopters, it's pretty amazing. And then when I claim my place among the few thousand people in Australia who are knowledgeable about web3 — Blockchain Australia has 14k followers on LinkedIn, 21k on X, and is not yet on Warpcast… — I feel a mixture of gratitude and pride that I am an Aussie who is open-minded enough to learn what lies beyond  the mainstream media impression of blockchain and cryptocurrencies (see: Bitcoin) and I'm so glad I found an opportunity to learn with others about what this alternative paradigm can offer society.

By the way: check out Australia’s The National Blockchain Roadmap, Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources; it gives me hope.

I’m also thankful for the support from the DAOpunks community for this grant round, Cohort 4, which contributed to the kitty for my attendance at ETHDenver and some beachside time in beautiful Oregon.

I’ve been taking so many photos of this beautiful landscape and have already shared some here and there, including on Warpcast in the  /naturephotos channel. I had a positive response (thanks BPetes!) so I started wondering whether there might be interest in minting the best images as NFTs.

I created one on Zora earlier this week and for some inexplicable reason the image turned sideways. So, there’s a little onchain and quirky mistake which will forever serve as my reminder that having a go is what matters.

Grrr we live and learn

I decided instead to create these as collectable posts here on my Paragraph ... ‘cos don’t ya love it when you don’t have to switch to yet another platform or chain to mint something cool!

It was hard to pick my favourite six images, but I can always create more. You’ll find the beauties I chose in the six posts following this one!

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