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Step back

We're moving forward by stepping back in this weekly poetry shot #199

It's no surprise: to
move forward you sometimes need
to take a step back.

I've tried to get a bit more serious about my running, again. And it was, so far, a bit of a struggle. But it's necessary. During one particular run, I realised, that this pattern is familiar: it goes quite well, then something happens and I stop running for a while. When I pick it back up, I need to regain strength, so, I need to take a step back. If I keep it up, I will get back to the level I had before, and then grow past it.

This is not just with my running. At the moment, crypto markets are taking a step back. It looks like slaughter, but if you zoom out, the market is up from a year ago. Zoom out further, and you'll see an upward trendline, that is decorated with a wildly cyclic day-rate line. Things go up, then come down, but in the end, we go higher.

Sometimes you need to take a step back to be able to move forward.

What step back did you take recently?

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Poésie de la vie

This time, just a music video that I thought of when writing this. Enjoy.

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