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Food chain

We're thinking about purpose and dancing in this issue #198 of your weekly poetry shot

I just hope
the bumble bee being
eaten by the dragonfly has first
pollinated plants in
our garden.

Eat, or be eaten. That might be your conclusion on how to live your life when you think about the food chain. If you're not the predator, you are the food. But that's a very negative way to look at life and the world we live in. It discounts everything that is not you and classifies it as having to be in service of you.

When I saw the dragonfly eating the bee, it made me think. The bee is important for us as a pollinator. So it has at least two goals in life: help our food grow and be food for the dragonfly. We need our food, which for a big part depends on the bee doing its job. We do not live in individual bubbles, we live in intricate ecosystems. We are part of that, the dragonfly is part of that, and the bee is part of that.

So, maybe it's not "eat, or be eaten", but "do what you are here to do, before you get eaten". Our lives are finite. We will all be 'eaten' in the end. The question is: when that moment comes, have you achieved what you wanted to achieve?

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Poésie de la vie

My friend Gabriel made a film with a non-profit organisation working with young dancers in exile to explore their journey to France through dance and movement. It's beautifully shot and a great project.

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