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The Dawn of Turtle Club

Our vision and strategy


Our core mission is to collectively enhance liquidity utilization, returns, and security while fostering sustainable growth for favoured protocols. Operating within a DAO framework, Turtle realigns incentives among key stakeholders in Web3—Protocols (founders/developers), Liquidity Providers, Venture Capitalists, and Smart Contract Auditors — empowering each member to leverage superior collective security and bargaining power through our phantom liquidity protocol. Consequently, even novice Turtle participants stand to gain better risk-adjusted rewards compared to established whales or existing Web3 VC funds without having to pool their liquidity or take on any additional smart contract and counterparty risk.


At its core, Turtle Club partners with protocols to grow and retain protocol liquidity. In return for bringing liquidity to the protocol, partners contribute to the TurtleDAO treasury. The amount contributed is based on the rewards that Turtle LPs generate. Turtle LPs retain all of their rewards + additional Turtle yield boost.

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