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Unlock Labs Experience Update: Improved Checkout Flow

Simplify, simplify, simplify.

The Unlock Labs checkout experience is oftentimes the first interaction many individuals have with any type of onchain interaction. One of the pieces of feedback the Unlock Labs team has heard is that users were experiencing confusion and difficulty navigating the interface during the checkout process. This was especially true for users without a crypto wallet who were trying to purchase an event ticket or sign up for a membership or subscription.

The Unlock Labs team has redesigned a portion of this flow based on this feedback.

Previously, the interface presented multiple options and buttons, such as various wallet choices, a choice of membership type, and a decision to use a non-crypto signup approach, all together as the first step in the flow without context. This was overwhelming.

Additionally, users unfamiliar with terms the logos of Metamask or Coinbase did not immediately understand how to proceed.

In contrast, the new experience gets users into the purchase flow first, prior to getting into the “how” of the transaction. It also simplifies much of the language as compared to the prior experience.

This change aimed to make the login process more intuitive, especially for users without a crypto wallet.

These changes simplify the process by making the option to use an email more visible and reducing the number of steps and choices, enhancing clarity and ease of use for all users, especially newcomers.

By making each step in the process more atomic, and by directly embedding the email option into the initial login screen, we believe this will streamline the flow and reduce confusion, ultimately enhancing the user experience by making the checkout process more intuitive and straightforward.

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