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Unlock Labs Feature Announcement: Gitcoin Passport Hook

Unlock Labs integrates Gitcoin Passport scores to enhance trust and sybil resistance.

Unlock Labs now supports the integration of Gitcoin Passport scores into the creation of new smart contracts. This feature is designed to significantly enhance the authenticity of transactions, ensuring that memberships and event tickets are sold to genuine participants.

Why Gitcoin Passport?

Onchain transactions require trust and verification. The development of this feature was driven by the need to combat spam and prevent sybil attacks during sign-ups. By incorporating Gitcoin Passport scores, which provide a reliable measure of a user's legitimacy, Unlock Labs aims to establish a higher standard of trust and security in transactions using Unlock Protocol.

Who benefits?

This update is particularly beneficial for event organizers and brands offering memberships or subscription programs. It streamlines the process of verifying participants, ensuring that tickets and memberships go to real people. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity of events and exclusive content.

For organizers, brands, and creators, this integration means a more secure and hassle-free way to manage sign-ups. It reduces the risk of fraudulent event or membership registrations, and prevents operational hassles and wasted money.

For users, it offers a way to leverage their established reputations verified through Gitcoin Passport. This enhances their chances of securing memberships or tickets to sought-after events and programs.


This feature is available immediately. Lock managers and event organizers can start using it today to enhance the security and authenticity of their offerings.

Accessing the Gitcoin Passport hook

To enable this new feature, lock managers can navigate to the "hooks" section of their Unlock dashboard. This integration is designed for ease of use, ensuring that you can seamlessly incorporate Gitcoin Passport scores into your contract setup without needing extensive technical knowledge.

How to set up the Gitcoin Passport hook

Checkout experience of a purchaser with a score that does not meet the threshold set in the hook

Checkout experience of a purchaser with a score that exceeds the threshold set in the hook

For any questions or further information, visit the Unlock Discord at or check out our Warpcast channel at

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