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NFTFi Weekly #4

Back to business as usual post ETHTokyo

  • Tensor announced trading rewards for Madlads.

Madlads is the first NFT collection created by Backpack, the next generation Solana-based crypto wallet. There has been a huge demand for trading Madlads, and within 24 hours, it generated $6 million in trading volume.

Tensor has announced that they will distribute all trading fees from Madlads collections and do an airdrop for anyone who trades MadLads exclusively on Tensor, places bids, listings, or MM orders. The first raffle will be held on April 30th.

  • Astaria revealed its interface.

Astaria is an NFT lending market that offers instant liquidity. It was built by Justin Bram and Joseph Delong (formerly the CTO of Sushiswap). Astaria has raised 8 million dollars in funding which was announced June 2022.

After almost a year, they have started to showcase more about what has been developed, with product release in the coming months. To keep up with the product's progress, you can subscribe to this link:

  • The Tribe3 mainnet is scheduled to go live on May 3rd.

Tribe3 is a decentralized perpetual exchange for NFTs that uses a modified vAMM model (inspired by the original design from Perpetual Protocol).

With the upcoming public beta on Arbitrum scheduled on 3rd May, users will be able to trade BAYC, MAYC, Azuki, and Punk with up to 5x leverage on mainnet.

  • NFTY Finance V3 is now live on testnet

NFTY Finance is an NFT money market that enables lending and borrowing on Polygon. NFTY Finance uses a peer-to-peer model, where lenders create a "shop" with customized interest rates and loan-to-value ratios. In this testnet, users will be able to test out all core functions, such as lending, borrowing, and creating a shop.

  • INSRT Finance opened Pudgy Penguins Shard Vault.

On April 22nd, INSRT Finance has launched the Pudgy Penguins Shard Vault, which combines Pudgy Penguins, Rods, and Lil Pudgies.

By participating on this shard vault, users can earn yield from varied strategies INSRT Finance will announce later. Here’s the link to the vault:

  • Spice Finance opened Flagship Vault.

Flagship Vault is the first public lending vault from Spice Finance that represents a medium-risk strategy by allocating capital to BendDAO, DropsDAO, NFTfi, Arcade, X2Y2, and ParaSpace. Users can now deposit WETH into the vault and earn yield from it.

Spice has also hinted as rewarding early participants so perhaps keep an eyes on it.

  • Wasabi pass was successfully minted out.

Following up on what we covered in NFTFiWeekly #1, on April 20th, Wasabi Protocol has opened for partnership and collection whitelist minting of their Wasabi pass.

By holding this pass, the holder gains access to the mainnet beta and additional utilities to be announced later.

  • Protecc Labs and Baton Finance partnered to empower new NFT collections.

Protecc is an algorithmic market maker that specializes in supporting NFT liquidity, whilst Baton Finance is an NFT launchpad that offers guaranteed liquidity. Through this partnership, they will work together with collection founders to facilitate liquidity of launched markets, regardless of market conditions. Baton will set up the infrastructure, and at the same time Protecc provides market-making services.

  • Abacus released an update version 1.1.

Abacus is an innovative money market that allows users to appraise NFTs by depositing liquidity in the pool. Users can also lend or borrow NFTs on Abacus.

With this update, Abacus has done lots of works to improve the borrower and liquidity provider (LP) experience. It also integrates with Sudoswap, Caviar, and NFTX, allowing users to use their LP tokens as collateral.

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