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NFTFi Weekly #5

Tensor surpassing Magic Eden trading volume, Astaria close beta, Wasabi mainnet launch, and more

  • Tensor surpassed Magic Eden in trading volume on Solana

On April 26th, Tensor has surpassed Magic Eden in 24-hour trading volume on Solana, marking the first time Tensor has achieved this since its launch.

One of the factors that contributed to this growth is the launch of the Mad Lads collection and Tensor Mad Lads rewards program - in which Tensor gave back 100% of trading fees in the first 3 months on Mad Lads to users as raffle tickets.

  • Astaria released Close Beta

Following up on NFTfi Weekly #4, Astaria has launched its Closed Beta of their highly-awaited NFT lending protocol. During this Closed Beta, holders of the LSD NFT can borrow up to 0.1 ETH against their token. If you want to own an LSD NFT and participate in this closed beta, you can reach out to the team on Discord.

Astaria has also intiated a fun competition called "Light side vs. Dark side" with the goal of collecting feedback from testers. For more information about the gameplay rules and how to participate, here's the guide.

The NFT derivative landscape is heating up with a major funding announcement from Tribe3 - an NFT perpetual DEX. On April 27th, they announced that they raised $2.1 million in their latest funding round, which included Spartan Group, Newman Capital, and Modular Capital,…

They are now preparing to launch the mainnet on May 3rd (as covered on our last edition).

  • Wasabi Protocol is now live on mainnet

Wasabi Pass owners can access this private mainnet.

Additionally, the Wasabi Protocol has launched an incentive program that calculates rewards based on Referral and Early Bird Bonuses, Trading options, and Providing liquidity. For more information, please visit this link:

  • Hook Protocol introduced vBid

Hook Protocol - a premier NFT option protocol - has published their introductory blog post about their upcoming product Volatility-Based Bids (vBid).

vBid is a new way for traders to bid on options. With vBid, traders no longer need to constantly make, update, and cancel bids as time passes. Instead, option traders only need to create a bid with a specific implied volatility, and the protocol will automatically calculate the option's price in real-time and purchase it if the implied volatility for the bid is met. This feature will be released in May.

  • Arcade released email notifications alert

Arcade now offers email notifications for lending and borrowing events. Users can go to their Arcade profile and set up their email. More notification settings and event triggers will be available soon.

  • Introducing Magic Eden AMM

Magic Eden - a renowned multi-chain NFT marketplace - has released Magic Eden AMM, an automated market maker (AMM) for trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with customizable bonding curves. The AMM will be released on Solana as of now.

Users can now create buy and sell side LPs or provide liquidity on both sides to earn yield as well as extra rewards from Magic Eden.

  • Caviar partnership with Abacus

With the release of Abacus v1.1, users can now use Caviar LP positions as collateral on Abacus to leverage their position exposure. This partnership would open up more opportunities for users to maximize their capital efficiency.

  • Introducing NFTfi Rewards

Since its launch 2 years ago, NFTfi has achieved approximately $400 million in loan volume. Eligible borrowers and lenders can now participate in NFTfi Rewards. By lending or borrowing on NFTfi, users can earn non-transferable reward points that may be redeemed for rewards in the future.

The first earning season will begin on May 15th. If you used NFTfi before the snapshot day, you must lend or borrow on NFTfi before May 15th to secure OG points.

  • Introducing Blend

Blend is a peer-to-peer perpetual lending protocol for NFTs introduced by everyone's favorite Ethereum-based NFT trading platform/aggregator Blur.

On Blend, there are no oracles or expiration dates, and the interest rate is decided by the market. The Blur team also bootstraps Blend by incentivizing Lending Point.

For more information about incentive program, please follow this link:

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