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NFTFi Weekly #7

Insrt Season 1, AAA out of stealth, Waterfall's upcoming launch, and more

  • INSRT Incentive Season 1 will launch on June 6th

After months of capped vault-by-vault launch, INSRT has finally finally opened to public with their Season 1 launch on 6th June.

During Season 1, users can deposit funds into the vault through the pre-order function before it officially opens. Once the vault is fully funded, it will automatically buy the NFT of the collection and distribute shards to users. The INSRT team will also launch referral links and INSRT points. These points can be converted to community rewards in the future.

  • NFTperp introduced Mafia Nuts collection

Mafia Nuts is a 1500-supplied NFT profile picture created by NFTPerp. By holding this NFT, users will receive fee discounts on NFTPerp trades, private beta access, and additional utilities in the future.

Phase 1 of minting will take place on June 8th. For more information, please follow this link: https:

  • Tribe3 listed new trading pair

From May 30th, Degods and The Captainz became available for trading on Tribe3 with a maximum leverage of 10x. Since being listed, both projects have received huge attention from the community and have surpassed 100ETH in trading volume.

With the announcement of the $MEME token in June, The Captainz will likely to become volatile, and we expect to see a huge trading volume on Tribe3 in the coming weeks.

  • Astaria partnership with Upshot

On May 25th, Astaria opened its beta to the public for everyone to use their platform. They have partnered with Upshot to launch the first Strategist Vault on Astaria.

This vault will utilize Upshot's ML models and quant analysis to enhance risk management as well as improving liquidity for lender. At launch, they will support 11 NFT collections, including blue-chip NFTs such as BAYC and Azuki.

  • Introducing AAA

AAA is an NFT aggregator lending platform. With AAA, users can easily find the best interest rates, monitor the NFT lending market, open or repay loans on AAA-supported protocols such as Blur, NFTfi, X2Y2, and BendDAO.

With the current Early Access release, to gain access to AAA, you can join their Discord and submit your wallet for the next batch.

  • Pawnfi announced the dates for Early Access and the Pawnfi Mega Drop.

Following up on what we covered in NFTfi Weekly #6, from June 6th 12:00 UTC onwards, if you're one of the whitelisted users of Pawnfi, you can now access the platform for trading, lending, and use $APE staking to earn points. Additionally, users will get a 2x points boost for the first 48 hours.

  • Introducing Waterfall

Waterfall is a unique trading and appraising NFT protocol. On Waterfall, listed NFTs are fractionalized into shards. Each shard represents a prediction of the NFT's future valuation, allowing traders to speculate on the future NFT price by buying or selling each shard. The protocol determines the "current price" the buyer needs to pay, which is the sum of the prices of all shards at that point in time. This opens up a new way to predict or appraise NFT prices, especially for rarer NFTs or 1/1 art.

After successfully raising 4M in a seed round last year, they will be looking to finally launch in the coming weeks

  • Solana's NFTfi overview by Delphi Digital

As of 2023, Solana remains one of the best NFT ecosystems after Ethereum. Currently, Solana's NFTfi landscape is dominated by AMM and money market protocols.

Sharky is the most widely used NFT lending/borrowing protocol on Solana, accounting for 70-80% of the market share. Although it's still relatively early for derivatives, Sujiko is another emerging notable name in this field.

You can read the full report here: https:"concluding-thoughts"

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