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zkWeekly #4

Another eventful week of zk/FHE advancement


Welcome to the zkWeekly edition #4! As usual, we will cover the most important and exciting developments/news in the world of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) and fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) from the past week.


A paper which is a joint work between Carlos (PSE), Chiro (Orochi Network), Nalin (0xPARC), Oskar (independent), and Violet (Delv).

The paper proposes using SuperNova to leverage more efficiently different opcodes of the VM (each opcode corresponds to a step in the Incrementally Verifiable Computation), parallelize the proving of each step, and using vector commitment for states update.

Great piece from the RiscZero team to summarize the distinguish between a zkEVM and a zkVM.

  • zkOIDC

    Proof-of-concept from Emilano to showcase how to utilizing Sismo's zkConnect for privacy-preserving logins with OpenID Connect login standard.

    Users start a traditional login on a Web2 app and get redirected to Sismo Vault app to generate a proof. The proof is forwarded to zkOIDC which verifies the proof and adapts to an id token. The token is then shared back to the Web2 app.

  • Privacy & Scaling Explorations's Rate-Limiting Nullifier

    Nice thread which summarizes the recent advancement of Rate-Limiting Nullifier - an original proposal from Privacy & Scaling Explorations back in 2019 for spam prevention on anonymous p2p setting.

    A new approach with KZG polynomial commitment scheme is proposed recently which allows proof generation in less than 1 ms per message.

  • ZeroSync's research of introducing Validity Proofs to Bitcoin

ZeroSync - the project attempts to uses zk proofs to scale Bitcoin - has publicized their research about introducing validity proofs to Bitcoin.

Industry News

  • LongHashX's ZK Cohort

    LongHashX - the accelerator from LongHash Ventures - has announced their latest Cohort 11 which specifically focused on zk protocols/projects.

    Few infos about this cohort:

    • Date: End of June (application closes) - end of July (12-week)

    • Mentor Partners: zkSync, Scroll, Taiko, Linea, Herodotus, RISC Zero

    • Number of Projects Accepted: 5 for ZK Accelerator Program (invest $100k), 20-25 for ZK Builder Fellowship (for projects not ready for venture backing / public goods)

    • Types of projects: (a) any projects building on zkEVMs /zkVMs/zkWASM (b) any ZK projects incl. zkDID, privacy DeFi, zk-gaming, zkML etc.

    • Application form:

  • Mina Protocol announces Cohort 2 of zkIgnite

    Mina has announced their next cohort that focus on providing support and funding for zkApps builders. The cohort will start on June 14th.

  • Introducing Nocturne

Nocturne is a private transaction protocol that utilizing zk proofs and the concept of account abstraction.

Nocturne allows users to anonymously use tokens with or from existing EOAs and on-chain apps, make private payments to other addresses, and prove asset ownership & transaction history

  • Kakarot's modular zkEVM introduction

Kakarot elaborates about their approach of bringing EVM compatibility to StarkNet and leverage fractal scaling to build a zkEVM rollup-as-a-service product (with a good chunk about the project's history as well!).

  • Aztec officially announces their encrypted zk-rollup

After sunsetting Aztec Connect and their previous privacy infrastructure as covered on zkWeekly #0, Aztec has finally announced officially their next iteration - an encrypted zk-rollup (with the same name Aztec).

Aztec's groundbreaking rollup design combines public and private execution into a single zkRollup. This enables use cases that goes beyond just "private transactions/computations" as were the already-sunset design as both public and private states can be read and updated.

Events and Conferences

  • Zuzalu Zero-Knowledge Week

Zuzalu - a pop-up community in Montenegro - has organized two zk-related events over the past week:

ZK Week (April 16th - 23rd) will feature talks, workshops, and discussions hosted by a variety of ZK experts and specialists.

ZK Hackathon (April 22nd - 23rd) to end the week where aspired zk devs can go heads down building with supports from experienced mentors.

  • Berkeley's ZKP Workshop, Hackathon Demos and Awards Ceremony

    ZKP Hackathon which is hosted by Berkeley RDI and in partnership with ZKP MOOC has came onto the end on 2nd of May with the Demos and Awards Ceremony. Winners for the 4 tracks had been announced during the ceremony.

  • ScalingX's ZK Hackathon Demo Day

    ScalingX's ZK Hackathon has finally coming onto the end with Demo Day scheduled for 18th of May. The Demo Day will be streamed on Youtube Live.

  • Jump organizes zkWeek in Chicago

Jump Crypto is organizing a week full of zk-related events at the Pit and bringing together renowned zk researchers, academics and protocols to discuss and answer the most important questions/challenges of the zk space currently.

Details about the zkWeek can be found at

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