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🟣 The 4 Stages Of A Bull Market

Which Stage Did We Just Enter?

GM DOers! 😎

For months, we’ve been screaming from the top of our lungs that the bull market has begun! 

Almost nobody believed it. 

We released a ‘Crypto Markets are About to Turn’ report back in October…

We sounded like a broken record, both in our newsletters, and on X…

And we even hosted multiple ‘bull market sessions’ in our Discord… 

Most of that was overlooked. 

However, with Bitcoin rallying to $64,000 and Ethereum to $3,500 this week, the signs cannot be ignored. 

It’s becoming pretty clear to everyone that the bull market isn’t coming; it's actually here. 

But guess what? If folks are just now catching on, it means we're already entering the second part of the bull market.

Spoiler alert: This is where things get interesting. 

Let’s talk about:

  • The 4 stages of the bull market 🐂

  • Which stage are we in right now? 👀

  • What should you do to capitalize? 💰

Stick around until the end, as we’re also going to highlight the AI Token Of The Month. 👀


The 4 Stages of a Crypto Bull Market 🪜

Market cycles are never the same, but they often rhyme. 🎶

That means that we can learn from the past to approach this bull market with a clear head in the hopes of maximizing our profits. 

Here’s the Wall Street Cheat Sheet, a chart showcasing the typical psychology of a market cycle. 

Keep this in mind as you’re reading this article. 

Let’s go through the different bull market phases. 

The Wake-Up Phase

We’ve just gotten out of this one. 

This is the first stage where things are starting to look better, but we're still shaking off the bad vibes from the bear market.

Every so often, there's a glimmer of hope—like stirring up interest, Solana making moves, or airdrop season kicking in. 

Yet, these sparks don't seem to catch fire just yet.

Despite your own excitement, friends and the media keep poking fun at crypto, unable to forget the past slump.

Quietly, though, prices are inching higher. The crypto veterans are whispering about a comeback, spotting the early signs of a bull market.

But with most investments not yet recovered from their highs, it's hard for many to see this as a victory.

Doubt lingers; folks are hesitant to believe we're on the upswing again.

… this was 2023

The Breakthrough Phase (We’re In It) 🚀

Bitcoin surges from $20k to $64k. Ethereum leaps from $1k to $3.5k. Solana? It soars from $10 to $130.

The excitement is infectious. The bull market can't be ignored now, and the signs are everywhere.

Bitcoin's nearing its all-time high. Coinbase crashes because of a surge in activity. Ethereum's gas fees hit $100+. Twitter's buzzing, and memecoins are skyrocketing.

The bear market's over and crypto people know it! Still, friends and family aren't asking about your crypto game… yet!

Life's great, though. Portfolio's at its peak, and you've got that FOMO feeling, worried you don't have enough coins.

But take note: this is the calm before the real action starts. This might be the last chance to jump in before things get truly wild.

The Hype Phase 🤯

This is when the no-coiners join the market and things start to go crazy.  

Everything you own blows past ATHs over and over and there’s a new narrative every single day. 

Tokens with the most ridiculous fundamentals are reaching insane valuations.

VCs are announcing billions of dollars worth of funds and every other company that mentions crypto in their roadmap raises tens, even hundreds of millions of dollars.

The mainstream media loves crypto and CNBC calls for Bitcoin to reach $1,000,000. 

Athletes, influencers and movie stars start to publicly announce their crypto excitement and investments. 

Crypto becomes (once again) the new paradigm of money and everybody starts to believe it’s going up forever. 

The Euphoria Phase 🫨

This phase feels like we're living in a fantasy. Logic and reason have left the building.

You find yourself richer than you've ever dreamed of becoming. That 5x that you expected before the bull market has turned out to be 30x. 

A neighbor, who last week mixed up Ethereum with a video game, tells you about the next Shiba Inu.

An influencer known for fashion tips buys an island for tens of thousands of dollars inside a random metaverse.

Famous TikTokers become the face of new crypto exchanges.

Almost all SuperBowl ads are crypto related.

Tech startups not even a year old are valued like century-old institutions, all because they added 'blockchain' to their pitch.

Nation states are adopting Bitcoin as their legal tender.

Everyone’s calling for a crypto supercycle – a decade of up only. 

The whole world is euphoric and all you’re talking about at the dinner table is crypto and how big your portfolio has gotten. 

This is the phase you sell. Unless you want to endure another 2-3 years of pure market turmoil and regret.

Wrapping Up — What Should You Do Now? 💰

First up, ignore the peak callers. 

Just as predicting the bear market bottom was a gamble, so is calling the bull market peak. 

The market often surprises us, moving in unexpected ways.

Secondly, stay calm and stick to your strategy. 

The temptation to chase the latest crypto craze can be overwhelming, but remember, not every surge is sustainable. Trust in your plan.

Thirdly, have an exit strategy. 

Real profits require actual selling. Don't be the person that had the world and lost it all. I’ve been there and I don’t recommend it. 

You don’t want to be left holding the bag when the music stops. 

Because trust me, the music will stop at some point! We’ll be sure to let you know when we think we’re nearing the euphoria phase so stay tuned.

In the meantime, read our report from last week that’ll tell you what signals and social cues to watch for to identify the market peak yourself.

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Thanks for reading. And remember, you're strong, you’re powerful, you’re alpha!

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