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🟣 ENS & GoDaddy Bring All Websites Onchain

PLUS: MetaMask Partners with Robinhood

GM DOers! 😎

Crypto is going mainstream! 🥳

First up, thanks to an integration with ENS (Ethereum Name Service), any GoDaddy domain (.com, .io, .xyz, etc…) can now be used as an Ethereum address that can receive funds. 

This allows users to link their Ethereum addresses to domain names, enabling easy, human-readable access onchain, without technical complexities or additional costs.

Secondly, Metamask integrated with Robinhood, allowing users to buy cryptocurrencies directly through Robinhood and transfer assets between Robinhood accounts and MetaMask wallets.

Thirdly, Farcaster is continuously hitting all-time highs in daily active users and is poised to become the first real onchain consumer application to reach a significant portion of non-web3 people. 

These are all big leaps forward for the wider web3 ecosystem, so let’s dive into it & break ‘em all down.

🌐 ENS & GoDaddy – Turning Websites into Wallets

GoDaddy helps people create websites by offering services like naming websites (domain registration), giving them space on the internet (web hosting), and tools to build the websites.

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a service that maps human-readable domain names to cryptocurrency addresses, so users don’t have to deal with the long strings of letters and numbers in a typical crypto address.

The integration between ENS and GoDaddy essentially allows users to take their domains to the next level by adding functionalities that were previously not possible.

Mainly, this allows domain owners to receive tokens (fungible or non-fungible) onchain.

For example, if our website ( was built via GoDaddy (it’s unfortunately not), this would allow you to send us $ETH (if you wanted to) by typing ‘’ instead of needing to find out our long ass wallet address. 

The best part is that this setup requires 0 fees thanks to ENS’ recent launch of their ‘gasless DNSSEC registrar’.

Why it matters:

The integration simplifies how users manage their online presence by allowing seamless connections between their traditional website names and onchain platforms. 

Overall, it provides a much more seamless experience that’s only possible if you’re using web3 tech. 

It’s also putting ENS and Ethereum on the map, as it’s meeting the users where they are already. 

Anyone can easily link their DNS (Domain Name System) names with their ENS – as more and more people do this, it’ll become the norm to have a domain backed by a wallet, because this levels up its functionality and utility. 

It’s a no-brainer and only possible onchain! 🤩

FYI, I hope this is just the beginning of many great things to come for ENS. They have a huge untapped market to go after (email, gamer IDs, etc…) with this solution.

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🌊 MetaMask & Robinhood – Bringing More People Onchain

MetaMask now offers the ability for its users to acquire crypto via the widely-used trading platform Robinhood.

This enables MetaMask users to buy crypto through Robinhood, and allows those with Robinhood accounts to easily move their crypto into their MetaMask wallets – something that wasn’t possible before. 

Why it matters:

This integration is important because it smooths out the connection between regular banks & financial products and the onchain world, making it easier for people to use web3 apps.

🚀 Farcaster Reaches ATHs in Daily Active Users (DAU)

After introducing ‘Frames’ almost 2 weeks ago, Farcaster has gone nuts in terms of new users getting on their platform.

Farcaster’s Frames is essentially a feature that allows developers to embed external websites into Farcaster. 

This allows users to use various services straight from Farcaster, without needing to leave the application. 

This integration has been an ‘aha moment’ for many who didn’t previously understand why web3 tech improves the experience of using a social media app. 

Upon realizing, people are now flocking to Farcaster, as you can see in the chart above. Love to see it.  

Is Farcaster the best-positioned onchain app to attract non-web3 peeps onchain?

👉 Reply Yes/No with your thoughts! 

😎 Wrapping Up — Crypto is Going Mainstream

With each passing day, we realize that onchain >>> online. 

👉 Web3 can improve the utility of websites and level up their applicability. 

It is why GoDaddy integrated ENS, and website domains can now act like wallets – this is a total game changer that’s only possible onchain.

👉 Web3 offers financial solutions that people want.

By using DeFi, people don’t need to rely on banks and centralized entities to gain access to a financial system. 

This is something that people really want and need. 

Robinhood looked at this and thought ‘we better offer this to people or else we’ll get left behind’. 

That’s why Robinhood partnered with MetaMask.

👉 Web3 gives social media users a better experience. 

Good luck minting an NFT or reading a newsletter or showcasing your art gallery on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or Instagram – it’s simply not possible.

But this is possible on Farcaster, simply because this app is built onchain. 

Therefore, Farcaster can offer a feature and experience that web2 apps can’t, and that’s why the app is booming. 

Friends, crypto isn’t going mainstream – it already is! 

More and more people want to get onchain because they know it’s the better choice. 

At the same time, more and more web2 companies are being forced to add web3 features to not get left behind. 

This will only be amplified when crypto prices start going parabolic. I hope you’re ready. 

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Thanks for reading. And remember, you're strong, you’re powerful, you’re alpha!

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