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🟣 Revolutionizing Gaming with Crypto and AI: Parallel Colony

PLUS: New Airdrop Coming!!

GM DOers! 😎

Imagine playing a game where you’re not in control of your character. 

Instead, your avatar is an AI agent that goes on its own adventures, makes its own choices, and learns from the world around it, needing you only for light nudges to guide it in the right direction. 

Meet Parallel Colony – a game built by Parallel Studios at the intersection of crypto and AI to enable experiences that were not possible before. 

The whitepaper for Colony was released late last week and today, I wanted to give you the lowdown:

  • Who is Parallel Studios?

  • What is Echelon Prime?

  • How does Parallel Colony work? 

You’ll want to read this through! The Parallel ecosystem is powered by $PRIME – a token that’s up 1,000% in the last year – there might still be an investment opportunity here. 🤔

Additionally, there’s a new airdrop on the horizon – $PROMPT.

Let’s explore. 👇

An Overview of Echelon Prime 👀

Before we dive into the Parallel Colony game, let me give you context. 

Firstly, Echelon Prime is a community-driven gaming ecosystem where decisions are made collectively, focusing on token-based governance using $PRIME and NFTs to enhance gaming experiences. 

Secondly, we have Parallel Studios – a game development company that creates games contributing to the Echelon Prime ecosystem. 

Parallel Studios has caught the attention of the gaming community with 2 flagship projects: ParallelTCG and Parallel Colony. 

ParallelTCG is a trading card game in which players engage in 1v1 battles using decks of NFT or apparition cards, earning $PRIME tokens for victories.

$PRIME can then be used by players to buy new NFT cards in order to improve their decks for future battles. 

Built on top of Ethereum and Base, ParallelTCG launched in August last year and was one of the only playable web3 games, offering a unique blend of competition, strategy, and digital ownership.

We wrote all about ParallelTCG here.

ParallelTCG is only the first game to gain traction from the wider Echelon Prime ecosystem. 

The next big game will be Parallel Colony. 👀

A Simplified Breakdown of Parallel Colony 🤖

Colony is a game that thrusts you into a world of survival simulation, uniquely driven by generative AI. 

In this game, you're paired with autonomous agents that march to the beat of their own drum. Here’s what avatars look like.

Initially, you shape your agents' personalities with key questions, but as the game unfolds, their evolving personalities may take surprising turns.

In this AI-driven journey, you guide rather than command. You can suggest actions to your agents, but they may choose their own path, each with their unique will and reasoning.

Avatars autonomously transact, gathering resources, trading, and crafting items stored in their digital wallets, created at inception, with the human owner managing the wallet's private key.

All of these transactions will be occurring on Solana. 


Create your avatar and give it a personality → join a colony → chat with your avatar and give it tasks → avatar executes tasks at their will → avatar evolves based on the interaction with the game and other agents → avatar notifies owner of completion of tasks.

You can then repeat this loop daily, giving your avatar new ideas and direction, but relying on it to take it to the finish line however it sees fit. 

Parallel Colony, set to launch at the beginning of 2025, will be a free-to-play game. However, if you want to earn in-game tokens and get the full in-game experience, you’ll need to purchase an avatar (NFT). 

Wrapping Up – New $PROMPT Token on the Way 👀

The $PRIME token has already gone up 1,000% in the last year. The token cost just $4 when we had Kalos, the co-founder of Parallel, on the podcast in September last year.

P.S. - Tune into that episode to learn all there is about Parallel.

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So the $PRIME token has already had a massive rally, but it shows no signs of slowing down. Here’s why. 

Meet Wayfinder – an AI tool designed for blockchain environments, enabling AI agents to navigate, transact, and interact across blockchain ecosystems with autonomy.

Wayfinder will power Parallel Colony’s AI agents, enabling them to handle complex tasks, transact in-game and make decisions.

"The opportunity: Wayfinder is launching a token called $PROMPT – and the whitepaper proposed that a whopping 40% of the supply be distributed to ecosystems like Echelon Prime."

Users will likely need to stake their $PRIME tokens to farm $PROMPT, with staking expected to become available soon.

By enabling staking, and incentivizing users to lock up their tokens to earn free cash, $PRIME will most likely continue its rally, especially if the bull market continues to remain hot. 🔥

Overall, the outlook for $PRIME is optimistic, with several key catalysts on the horizon:

  • The public release of ParallelTCG.

  • The introduction of $PRIME staking.

  • The opportunity to farm $PROMPT through $PRIME staking.

  • The launch of Parallel Colony in under a year.

  • The possibility of a Binance listing in the near future.

Having already seen a 10x increase over the past year, $PRIME is poised to remain a top-performing gaming token in this bull market. 

It's definitely one to keep on your watchlist.

Thanks for reading. And remember, you're strong, you’re powerful, you’re alpha!

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