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Sunday's In "The Den"

Gratitude and Contribution

Sundays in the Den are for football (for part of the year), gratitude, and contribution.

Every Sunday we send out a tweet reminder:

Genius Recovery has always been the Wolf Den foundation of choice. Their focus on changing the conversation around addiction, our relationship with Joe Polish, and the fact that many Wolf Den members are involved in various Genius experiences make it an obvious choice for us.

There are countless purpose-driven organizations and foundations that are equally deserving of your support. We only encourage that at least once a week you show support however makes the most sense for you to do so.

A Tribute

In 2022, a beloved Wolf Den member of the Wolf Den family relapsed back into addiction. He was one of the kindest, most humble, and most talented artists in the country. In December of '22, he was found unresponsive in his apartment.

This was a loss felt by all and a reminder that we never know what someone is dealing with and the importance of being kind in a world that is increasingly digital and disconnected.

All donations to Genius Recovery from the Wolf Den are dedicated to our fallen Wolf Pup with the hope that the research on addiction recovery and connection continues to reveal high-efficacy solutions (and better questions).

Each of you has your own story, your own battle, and your own opinion on which cause to support - we respect that and encourage you to support what is meaningful to you in a way that is appropriate for you.

With love,
Wolf Den