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Wolfish Word #10

Another #wolfish week in the Den

...and there are all kinds of things leaking from outside the lab:

What does it mean? Something #wolfish, I'm sure. Here's what else is happenin'.

hmm... guess we will see what's around the corner. [We have an ongoing thread with Polygon, we post things as they send them to us, approved by their legal and marketing teams, in order to keep the cadence. Stay tuned]

The Jailbreak Continues

Wolf Pups are discovering that acquiring the Earth Key is presenting a bigger challenge than the Fire Key did. Still, many brave pups have been able to mint theirs successfully. In order to get the location of the Earth key, they first had to break Wolf Pup #4112 free so he could reveal the location.

Get in on the Jailbreak at, Wolf Pup 0 has suggested that there is more to the journey than just setting our most precious pups free.

Community of Creators

Web 3 has enabled people to create and express divergent thinking and points of view on a massive scale. We have seen many great ideas, characters, and projects born out of the Wolf Den - our favorites are the ones that originated in the Wolf Den but are experienced in the real world.

Wolf Pup 69 created "Base Case n Build", a program he started to spend more time with and educate his son on what he has learned from being part of the community. It grew into what is about to be three full cohorts of kids learning the stuff we all wish someone taught us earlier in life.

Doc The Wolf published the first book with a Wolf Pup as the main character teaching lessons from our friends over at The Guardian Academy. "Turning Pennies Into Dimes" is a hit, and it's reaching people outside of web 3, which is big for the space

Wolf Pup 19 has started two podcasts and rebuilt the entire TGA syllabus to be accessible and easier to navigate. He shares his journey in "Journals of a Guardian. Everything else can be found at

The Penguin Posse, Crypto Tax Made Easy and RecoverVibes are spreading good vibes and making people's lives easier.

Next Event

The next #wolfish celebration is scheduled for April 28th and 29th in Phoenix, Arizona. There will be more details soon, just giving everyone enough time to mark their calendars.

Speaking of Real World Impact and Creations... there have been some #wolfish hints dropped recently.

Alice in Chains and Snoop?

Black Swan Group and Genius?

We have a series of exciting partnership and publishing announcements rolling out. Right now, we are finalizing the dates and the details. Each one plays a role in the Wolf Den ecosystem and removes a limit to scale/mass adoption.

Updates are posted in the discord in real time and will be recapped here. In the meantime, go get yourself an Earth key.