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Wolfish Word #13

Welcome to The Wolfish Word, where we cover all the major updates within the Wolf Den!

Grand Master Collector (GMC)

The pinnacle of the Wolf Den experience

There can only ever be 100 Grand Master Collectors, as it takes 5 Gray Wolf Pups to become one - 1 of each element (fire, water, earth, wood, metal) - and there are only 500 total in existence. This month we have had two new GMCs, each with an amazing story of their accomplishment.

Grand Master Collector #8 Scott Harvey

A true testament to time and randomness, and how helpful the Wolf Den community is!

A big congratulations to Scott, with much appreciated support from the amazing Soxierules.

Grand Master Collector #9 Sage Temp

From dominating each #PupPuzzle to scooping up every single mystery chest box, Wolf Pup #14 proves you can put in the work AND have a ton of fun; the true embodiment of Gray Wolf 🐺

Congratulations to Sage, it has been a long time coming.

Can't wait to see what awesome surprises and exclusive experiences these two new GMCs will take advantage of at our next Gray Wolf Summit event in November~

Last time, Grand Master Collectors hung out with Danny Zelisko while touring his house and private collection. A music lover's paradise!

WD Marketplace (Sage's Shop)

The marketplace has been live and rolling through the testing phase.

The points your Wolf Pups have been working hard to earn have a new name! Virtuous Osseous can be exchanged for all sorts of rare Curiosities in Sage's Shop.

You'll need to create an account (and be logged in) before Sage's Shop reveals itself to you ;)

The Den Supports Creators

Calling all you Prolific Pups out there~

The Wolf Den is all about supporting pack members, and we would love to highlight what you have been creating!

Let us know what you've been up to here.

Have you met Gus, the Wolf?

Gus is an adorable real-life stuffy, just trying to live his best life ❀️

Find out more about Gus πŸ‘‡

Doc the Wolf

Another Prolific Pup who has been prominent in the Den for some time now πŸ’ͺ

He brings daily Six Word Updates (6WU), a summary of thoughts from the day... with a twist!

You are only allowed to use six words 🀯

Find out more about Doc and his 6WUs πŸ‘‡

Wolf Den IG

Make sure to follow us on Instagram to find other Prolific Pups like Gus πŸ‘‡

PTNG YouTube

This new channel is the home for all those who solemnly swear they are #PupToNoGood ~

Be sure to subscribe for all sorts of content from Operation Jailbreak shorts to PTNG clips πŸ‘‡

PTNG #4: Unidentified Chest!?

Brovin's Bounty is one of several mysterious chests that randomly show up in Sage's Shop, and it's filled with a ton of goodies! Each chest allows its acquirer to test their luck with the random assortment of rarities found inside. Take a look at the clip below from our first chest reveal.

PTNG #5: Fragmented Social Media

On episode 5, Wolf Pup #0 @PeterNicson gave away a bunch of Gray Wolf Summit hats to live attendees. But, more importantly, he gave valuable insight on how to use social media for different agendas, and the effect a "fragmented" story can have.

The next phase of Operation Jailbreak, the World Fragment, also went live! Details on the current status of Operation Jailbreak are posted after the PTNG section.

PTNG #6: Operation Jailbreak Hints

We went in deep with Operation Jailbreak hints and things this week, but... those are all reserved for live attendees ;) sorry!

Don't miss out on episode 7 of PTNG tomorrow, where we'll be hosting our first LIVE Prolific Pup, C & E Expressions (before we list a sample of their custom laser Wolf Pup engravings in Sage's Shop), open another Brovin's Bounty, and much more!

πŸ“… September 21st, 2023
⏰ 5:00 PM (PDT)
πŸ“ Link will be posted in Discord's ⁠#🐺-den-only-announcements

Sample of Wolf Pup #0 engraved on slate

Check out C & E Expressions and the other custom crafts they have to offer πŸ‘‡

Operation Jailbreak

"The Wolf Pups stood there, dazzled and unsure of how they should feel.
How long had it taken them to finally acquire all of those elements, almost half a year now?
And in just an instant, they were gone."

"Yet, as always, their doubts could not help but (mostly) be blown away by their quest’s prize; a medallion that was not particularly embellished, but somehow still magnificent all the same."

And so the courageous Wolf Pups arrive at the next stage in their journey to free their captured brothers and sisters, with newly forged Pentagrams in paw. But, what are they to do with them?

In this new exciting chapter, the tragic story of the World Fragment is unveiled, and Cipherous Black sends plans for their retrieval via a cryptic transmission paired with a perplexing map.

Operation Jailbreak Stats
Pentagrams minted: 547
World Fragments minted: 53
*NOTE: minting of elemental keys and rare elements is paused while The Forge is activated

Original SOS transmission from Wolf Pup #0:
Enlist in Operation Jailbreak:

Master Key of Wisdom

The Journey to Gray Wolf πŸ” continues with Grandmaster Mike Leone next Tuesday~

πŸ“… September 19th, 2023
⏰ 2:00 PM (PDT)
πŸ“ Link will be posted in Discord's ⁠#🐺-den-only-announcements

And that's The Wolfish Word... until next time!