Are you worthy?

Let's see who gets it

From The Desk Of Wolf Pup #0
Department of Awesomeness
In Da Mountains

Here's the deal:
I want to help some people reach Grand Master Status, have some fun, and provide some value. So this is going down:

This is one of those... if you are cognitively lazy you won't like it..kind of contests.

But if you like to learn shit..err... stuff... this might be up your alley.


I have tweeted a photo of myself, and you will see that the background is green. Green represents wood.

I am a Gray Wolf with a Wood constitution.

Wood generates Fire and Overcomes or controls Earth.

Wood is generated by Water and is overcome by or controlled by Metal.

Here's a cheat sheet:

See how that works?

Now, I need my little Wolf Pups friends to help balance the whole thing.


Some days, I might be out of hand and need to be calmed down/controlled. On those days, I would need a metal pup. Today, I feel like generating.

Which means the next pup has to be Fire.

And, they have to tell us whether they need to be calmed down by a Water Pup or they are generating an Earth Pup. Once we know, a pup of that constitution will have to jump in.

This lets our pack know we are there for them, we are listening and we are participating.

Wolf Pups show up.

I'll kick it off with the first comment on the tweet

So here's how it works:

First, we must cover elements to qualify. Once we have all five elements the winner is selected as follows:

This will go on until nobody contributes to their fellow pack for 24 hours. 24 hours of radio silence, and the last pup to post is the winner.

Make sense?

If not, it doesn't hurt to try anyway. Here is the tweet again.

Wolf Pup #0