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Gray Wolf Mountain, Arizona

December 30th 2022

It's December and in Seattle, Washington that means it's cold, damp, and dark. When it's cold, damp, and dark I find myself spending way too much time on the internet scrolling social media and letting envy creep in.

Just the other day, I stumbled upon Wolf Pup#16s pack of Curvy Sword-wielding Pups:

"Look how happy those pups are with their curvy swords and curvy-sword friends," I thought to myself.
Sword envy is a bitch.

Fortunately, this year I have been working hard on becoming balanced and getting back to center quickly. You know, Gray Wolf stuff. It didn't take long to get re-centered and ask myself "are curvy swords all that important to me? No. So what is?"

What is important to me is continuing to master the fundamentals, understand myself and surround myself with the right kind of Wolf Pups. Believe it or not, that does NOT mean with Wolf Pups just like me. I am of Wood constitution which means I need to have Water wolves to keep me moving forward and rebuild me when I'm down. Also, much to my chagrin sometimes, I need to have Metal wolves to keep me under control and prevent me from going off the rails.

The path forward, for me, is not to look for "same" but to look for balance'

From this, the Grand Master Collector status was born.

There are all kinds of benefits of being a Wolf Pup holder that come directly from the Wolf Den, various Wolf Pup holders, and partner projects. The Grand Master Collectors will have a special place in my heart and I will be sharing my successes with them and supporting them above and beyond in any way possible.

Here's What I Know:

As the Wolf Den builds out the much larger, interoperable Guard world, there are a few things that need to be true for the Wolf Den segment:

  • The gameplay, interaction, and narrative portion will be improved dramatically for Wolf Pups with names.

  • Holders positioned with pups that have different traits, specifically background elements and fur color, will have more optionality and opportunity (this is only true for those that plan to actively engage in the forthcoming new universe).

  • Private “rooms” and activities will be available to those that have different combinations of traits within their pack or that make up the pack. 

Instead of rolling it all out at once (which will take a while to get to completion) we’re micro-stepping into the steps, giving early adopters an opportunity to get ahead by taking the appropriate actions and laying the foundation for everything to come.

This all leads to the “Master Collector” Early Adopter phase - rewarding active members for engaging by both getting them positioned a step ahead (and early) and with rewards to help them take the next step.

It will look like this:

Iteration 1: Collectors, Master Collectors and Grand Master Collectors are entered into reward drawings for prizes that will help them move up. They will also get a role in discord and a spot reserved on our “Master Collector” and “Grand Master Collector” wall.

Iteration 2: Web 2 integration. A secret room will be revealed in the Wolf Den and the Master Collector and Grand Master Collector artwork revealed.

Up to this point, the initiative will be run by the Wolf Den Team and elected council members manually. Iteration 3 will be worked on in the background the entire time, but it will take time.

Iteration 3: Full on-chain integration. Ideally, reaching the status you desire and accessing the benefits will be done entirely onchain. This will take longer than our typical dApp development process because we will also be working on the logic for dynamic interactions and access. 

Iteration 3.1: Port your status over into the forthcoming universe, where your status as Master Collector can unlock all kinds of cool stuff.

Collector, Master Collector, and Grand Master Collector

Like anything else worth doing, it will take time to reach grandmaster status. This is a journey.


  • At least 1 Gray Wolf for each of the 5 elemental constitutions

  • Wolf Pup must be named 

The Grand Master Collector will take some time for people to reach/complete. They not only need one of each element, but they also have to win a Gray Wolf or find someone willing to part with a Gray Wolf. 

Many will have to start as collectors or master collectors, which will give them an opportunity to earn their way to Grand Master Collectors.


  • At least 1 Wolf Pup of each elemental constitution

  • Wolf Pups must be named

Master Collector will take some time for some, others will already be there or be close. By completing the entry and becoming a master collector, you’re entered for a chance to win a Gray Wolf which may aid in your pursuit of becoming a Grand Master.


  • More than 1 Wolf Pup

  • Wolf Pup must be named

Being a collector is nothing to be ashamed of. Not only are you in the Wolf Den, but by collecting more than 1 AND naming it, you are making a huge contribution to the ecosystem and it will not go unnoticed.

Registered collectors will be entered for a chance to win a random Wolf Pup, which may aid in the pursuit of becoming a Master Collector. 

Here's How I Would get Started:

Step 1: If you do not have a Wolf Pup, you will need to adopt one by minting or adopting from another Wolf Pup holder. But before you do, MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS.

Step 2: Register and Name Your Wolf Pups Here:

Step 3: Tweet a screenshot of your collection (any real collector is going to want to show off their collection) and a link to your profile. We will use this to validate your collection.

Be sure to use the following hashtags so we can count your entry:

To become a collector: #wolfpupcollector

To become a master collector: #wolfpupmastercollector

To become a Grand Master collector: #wolfpupgrandmaster

We will check entries by searching and counting these hashtags (can’t wait until the dApp is done) so be sure to enter them as above.

I will be putting some stuff together for Master Collectors and Grand Master Collectors soon including VERY special Master Collectors and Grand Master Collector access passes.

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