From Inside The Lab

How The Sausage Is Made

From the Desk of Wolf Pup #0
March 9th, 2023
Seattle Washington

Behind The Scenes

One of my favorite things to do is give people an "over the shoulder" look at what we are working on in the lab. having served primary purpose-driven business owners for the last decade, this has become popular amongst our clients and partners because it gives a real-time look at how things start, how they are iterated, the roadblock, the solutions, and the thought process. Like an apprenticeship, this gives them the most realistic and useful education outside of experiencing it themselves.

HOWEVER, most consumers that are not actively building things or haven't been through the process can be intimidated or get confused about the process. For this reason, consumer brands typically only share finished products. Web 3 is an interesting blend of builders and consumers, many claims to want to be on the threshold of innovation. As per the 60+ years of "diffusion of innovation" research, "innovation" is defined as something that creates a greater level of uncertainty.

In other words, there is "data" or "input". If that data closes the gap of uncertainty, it is considered information to that person. If it widens the gap of uncertainty, it's innovation for that person. ie. what is information to one person can be innovation to another, and if you say you want innovation you are saying you want uncertainty. All that to say, know yourself. There is a reason "nobody wants to see how the sausage is made" is a popular saying.

If you do not like moving pieces, do not read on. I'm going to share some stuff cooking up in the lab - the reason it's "behind the scenes" is that the dates are not set in stone and the details are still being ironed out. If new information reveals a more efficient path forward, we will absolutely act accordingly.

First, it's important to understand we are not of the "huge launch, pump, shill, etc camp. Instead, we are of the: let's show people how blockchain can improve their business and their lives and let others watch them benefit in ways they have never thought of before.

The Following Projects are Gray Wolf Labs Projects being built in some way, shape, or form on the Guard FDN:

The Black Swan Project

We've partnered with Genius Network, Laura Catella, and Chris Voss to share Chris Voss' most valuable, highly guarded IP.

Who is Chriss Voss? Glad you asked.

And what does this project deliver? Glad you ask that, too!
What Do You Get?

About: This project is the most straightforward. A limited number of NFTs with a high barrier of entry (cost and you have to find it, it's not going to be heavily marketed). It's also the most straightforward and easy to build/deliver on gated content and episodic VIP experiences with Nic, Joe, Laura, and Chris.

For Black Swan, this is just a novel and creative way to repurpose the training that cost attendees $100k to be there live for (and it's really effin' good). For everyone else, it's an opportunity to package up and show to others a simple way to use the blockchain given its current capabilities.

Understand: the way that people "NFT" now is not the only or the best way to "NFT". This will be run primarily through a web 3 blog (paragraph) and newsletter.

Impact on Gray Wolf Labs: Of course, this is always speculative and each project has a different purpose. The Black Swan was the first partner we started cooking up many months ago - if this project does well (sells out and get delivered) we expect 20-30 other with similar audiences and influence to get in line to get published.

As of now, the criteria for being published are: the project must demonstrate a track record of success in the real world and have values that are aligned with ours. If so they must check two of the following three boxes:

  1. Wolf Pups are whitelisted or get free airdrops

  2. The project is built on the Guard FDN (commitment to participate in the forthcoming governance which will require a minimum guard holding(s)

  3. Royalties hard coded to automatically buy Guard to be sent to Gray Wolf Labs to increase Wolf Pup community governance voting power

Get Updates on The Black Swan Project Here

Danny Zelisko All Excess

This is one of the more exciting projects, not just in our world or the web 3 but the entire world. Danny has such a unique collection of rock and roll and sports history. Most of it was personally signed and gifted to him.

About Danny:

You can read a little about Danny here (and subscribe for updates).

This is another project that doesn't require a full web 3 presence, in fact, it's a unique blend of web 2, web 3, and real-world access/proximity. Danny has 3 homes and 5 warehouses stacked ceiling to floor with autographed and personally gifted memorabilia and each item has an incredible story.

His eBay store is all of the "boring" stuff that he is willing to part with right now. Check this out, this is just the "found it laying around" stuff.

Some of the more premium stuff we found just digging around one of his homes can be seen right here.

It's a Wolf Pups paradise

The All Excess pass will likely be a free mint with a few being dropped to all Wolf Pup holders or Wolf Pup holders being whitelisted for a set amount of time. Even if you aren't into the history of music, Danny's list (50 years of people that buy tickets to shows) is - so once they hear about it they should be pretty popular.

We will likely start with giveaways, everything on the eBay store is fair game, so the few weeks are probably going to be raffle style - DZP all excess ticket holders will win something crazy and if they don't want it, they can have 24 hours to sell their winning pass to someone that does.

While that is happening, the royalties will be going to 1. A building to building a one-of-a-kind rock and roll history museum - memorabilia, stories, and all. 2. Music scholarships. Pass holders will be invited to exclusive events and experiences in Arizona [and Danny's access to celebs and legends of music is nuts]. In time, we will build a model of it in the metaverse for those that can't travel or just wanna enjoy it from home.

Oh.. and remember the premium stuff linked above?

That is probably 1/10th of what he has laying around and, over time, it will be auctioned off. Only DZP pass holders will have the right to bid. Each item could bring an entirely new audience of people interested in just that single item or bundle.

Impact on Gray Wolf Labs: Similar to Chris Voss, Danny has many eyeballs on him. Kicking this project off opens the doors to many big-time collectors and artists. Our side project is re-inventing the ticketing industry because ONLY DZP has the know-how and influence to go toe to toe with Ticketmaster and live nation.

This project has already forced us to find better ways to KYC/authenticate identity and onboard/offboard fiat seamlessly like a web 2 experience.

Wolf Pups will have an opportunity to lock in at least one free DZP pass. It's built on the Guard FDN, the royalties will be redirected to guard after the museum costs are paid so DZP has governance power to carve out a music industry corner in the Guard FDN world.

Palladium Protocol

Have you seen these photos with little Guard logos hidden in them?

Web 3 is all about art, but what about the art that you can stand in and walk through? Corey Austin of Bonsai Architecture Design is bringing an arm of his thriving business to the blockchain and building it on the Guard FDN

The details are finalized on their side, but I have not seen the newest whitepaper so I will hold them back. Corey is going to be on a Guardian Spotlight soon and break it all down. Here is what we know:

  • There will be an initial NFT sale, this NFT represents being part of their investment club. This will likely be done in USDC with a predetermined % going to Guard for governance and to meet requirements.

  • Club members will have opportunities to invest in super unique, high-end projects well into the 8 figures. Guard will either be used for the entire raise or a predetermined % will go to buying guard after raise. This depends on how much we can smooth out the onboarding process - the most important thing is getting brand new people into web 3.

Over time, as the limits to onboard fiat into the ecosystem get removed, Guard will be used as a primary currency in all the projects above.

Mark Tarbell Exclusive VIP Club

Imagine sitting at a table with a world-renowned, 5-star, celebrity chef drinking fine wine and eating... In-N-Out burger. That was my first time hanging out with Mark Tarbell.

This is the most nebulous of the upcoming projects, all we know is that he has mapped out some world-class wine-tasting experiences with private islands, private planes, and his celebrity friends - and has a waitlist of people ready to enroll.

He is also building a private speakeasy in Arizona and he wants to use NFTs as the membership. This is the only one we don't expect to be live in the next 45 days, but weirder things have happened.

Here's The Takeaway

I was talking to someone today who runs what is probably the single most prominent ecosystem/foundation in all of web 3 right now. He is being onboarded as the director of the Guard FDN, all of that will be public soon, and better believe I will be sharing it everywhere.

Why did he jump in line to take this position?

Because "you guys have everything every other project hopes to have someday - real brands and people wanting to build on your foundation"

I know the web 3 purists won't find it sexy, but we are STOKED about bridging the gap in a very real, tangible way. And we're excited for what this will do for Wolf Pups and the rest of the ecosystem once people catch on.

They will be a little late, because they don't wanna see how the sausage is made, but we will welcome them with open arms, anyway.

More soon.

Stay #wolfish