Perspective Is Everything

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It's a great mistake to believe that what is accurate and relevent from your point of perspective is accurate and relevent from all points of perspective"

From the Desk of Wolf Pup #0

Chief Perspective Officer

Jan 13th, 2023

You'll hear it around the Wolf Den ecosystem:

"Stay #wolfish"

How does one "stay wolfish"? It's not by being someone you're not or doing something new; it's simply remembering that the monkey mind is always fighting to take control. Stay #wolfish is recognizing and overriding that silly monkey in order to maintain a sober and accurate view of reality.

Perspective is everything.

One of the best ways to keep perspective is proximity.

In the Wolf Den, we keep close proximity to our fellow Wolf Pups so that we can point out the things they can't (or don't want to) see. We also make sure that we have a steady flow of perspective and wisdom from industry titans, repeat achievers, and domain experts to help us see the forest when we're stuck in the trees.

In November, for example, we had the Gray Wolf Summit in Arizona:

The next official Wolf Den event is on Feb. 17th.

You'll need a Wolf Pup to get in.

If you have a Wolf Pup and a Guardian of the Guardian Academy, you are automatically upgraded to VIP as a thank-you for your consistent contribution to the community.

If you can't make this one... that's okay. The Wolf Den is always looking for opportunities to provide opportunities that otherwise would not exist and share perspectives.

You can also get a great deal of perspective from reading biographies, and autobiographies and spending time with people outside of your demographic.

Perspective is a superpower.

Develop it by joining us in the Wolf Den or choose your own adventure. But seek perspective from people that are not like you and a new world of opportunity will reveal itself.

Time to walk the walk, I have to head over to the Certainty Summit (which starts at 10a pacific today). Proximity and stuff. You can join here.

Stay #wolfish

Wolf Pup #0
Chief Perspective Officer, Blogger, Janitor, Admin

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