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The Journey To Grand Master Collector (Cont..)

From The Desk Of Wolf Pup#0
Wolf Pup Grand Master Lineage Holder
Gray Wolf Mountain, Arizona
March 3, 2023

Many many moons (okay, like two months) ago I leaked out a little info on the Journey to Grand Master Collector here:

Five pups have completed the steps to achieve Grand Master Collector Status. For those that are on their way, helping free our Wolf Pup brothers and sisters in the Wolf Pup Jailbreak will help expedite the process for you. For that that have made it already, we have two orders of business to attend to:

First, Congrats!

Second, what's next...

As a Grand Master Collector, you are now invited to the VIP dinners we do with our team and guest speakers before and after all events. You will also be placed on a special "collective" by Gray Wolf Labs, and be given voting power over who gets published by GWL on the Guard FDN ecosystem.

With an influx of leaders from all industries coming in to be published/migrated to the blockchain, GWL is counting on Master Collectors to help filter opportunities and make important decisions.

Future Grand Master Collectors will also be invited to exclusive events and offered a seat in this "collective".

We're just getting started.

Wolf Pup 0