The Journey To Gray Wolf Mountain Path

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Seattle, Wa
Feb 2, 2023

The 4th of 5 Journeys has begun.

The Journey To Gray Wolf Mountain
A Path Directory

The Path Ahead.
Before you continue on this path, you must first understand the Mastery Key. The foundation of "Live To Lean, Give to Earn" is The white wolf, the black wolf, and the gray wolf, and the elemental constitution of your pup(s). The Mastery Key:

  1. The Journey To Gray Wolf Mountain: From One into two and Two into one.

  2. Guarding Your Guard. The Journey begins, travel as a white wolf or a black wolf. Wolf Pup is required to access.

  3. The Eight. The first (and shortest) lesson along the path. Black Guard or White Guard required to access.

    Please be sure to read carefully and be discerning about if you want to travel this path or not.

A Path Directory:
You will find the 8 stops along the path below

  1. One
    Guard Your True Self.
    - Part 1: Unassailable
    - Part 2: Shields
    - Part 3: Signature
    - Part 4: Conclusion

  2. Two
    Guard Your Compass.
    - Part 1: Compass
    - Part 2: Illumination
    - Part 3: Conclusion

  3. Three
    Guard Your Guard.
    - Part 1: Overcome
    - Part 2: Silence

  4. Four
    Guard Posterity.
    - Principle vs Heart

    Forge Forward? The choice is yours.
    To continue this journey together we must find the tools, strength, and willingness to forge the black guard and the white guard together to create something new.

  5. Five

  6. Six

  7. Seven

  8. Eight

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