Three Levels of Light

It's awfully dark in here

Being a little Wolf Pup in a big world is tough. Being a Gray Wolf in a world of mostly black and white wolves is even tougher. In order to navigate the world, become the best Wolf Pup I can be, and stay on the right path I have been working hard on mastering the fundamentals.

Fundamentals like "The Three Levels of Light"; are the key to making decisions from a place of wisdom, instead of from impulse.

The Guardian Academy says: "Live to Learn. Give to Earn"

Wolf Pup #0 reporting for duty to share what I have learned:

The Three Levels Of Light

How clearly do you ACTUALLY see things? A Guardian or a Gray Wolf should be aware of how much light has been shed on a situation and be able to discern when we are being deceived (even if the deceiver is self). There are three levels of light:

Level One: Dim Light

(Perception of the senses)

We have the perception that this level of light is extremely bright and crystal clear. That's what makes it so dangerous. We believe that we see things in all of their colors, hear sounds clearly, etc etc. However, this is a delusion. This light is very dim. It illuminates only enough to give us a glimpse of momentary truth, and momentary truth can change quickly.

Many actions throughout the centuries have been based on momentary truths leading to misunderstanding, strained relationships, disagreements, and anger. What seemed right at the moment has not produced more harmony, but instead more discourse.

Acting from a place of dim light, under the belief that it’s a bright light makes it impossible to understand cause and effect. This turns us into victims. 

Have you ever been in an argument with a spouse, partner, or family member and felt like, at the moment, you knew the exact right thing to say? Only to find out after the fact that it was definitely NOT the right thing to say.

Those things you do or say that you wish you could take back even though they felt so right at that moment? Those are decisions made in dim light. Your minute-to-minute emotions and impulses create the illusion of a bright light in a dim setting.

A Gray Wolf must not act under a dim light, we must bring more light into the situation.

Level Two: Moderate Light

(Understanding of the mind)

By expanding our perspective and integrating what we perceive into a larger body of experience over time we start to bring more light into the situation. Moderate light can be achieved through experience and reflection. Our actions, in this light, are more likely to be Correct.

We brighten a dim light by reflecting on and learning from our personal experience(s).

"Last time I thought it was a good idea to say what is on my mind and never recovered from the blowback. So I am going to hold my tongue, I can always tell someone to fuck off tomorrow" is an example of bringing more light into the current situation using your past experience.

Still, this is not efficient because our "Right" decisions are based on only our perception and understanding. What is missing is the enduring connection to unchanging principles, which is discovered on the next level. 

Level Three: Bright Light

(Wisdom To See The invisible) 

Viewing the situation from the perspective of unchanging principles opens the “invisible eye” where we make our decisions based on wisdom. Such decisions are always Correct because wisdom guides us to act in the interest of producing more harmony, peace, joy, and lasting strength for everyone involved.

The Gray Wolf Summit and most of the content, programs, and services we put out there are focused on understanding your own emotion and impulse and understanding foundational principles. Not "what to do" but instead, how to get a clearer picture so that you can make the best possible decision at any given time.

The Guardian Academy and even our Wolf Pup traits are all tools and reminders to tap into unchanging principles so that we can make decisions in the brightest of lights.

Of course, it takes work. "You are your guide, you are your own guard", your journey is yours to take at your pace.

As per usual, you do not have to agree with me but I hope this gives you something to ponder.

Wolf Pup #0

Programs that are designed to master the fundamentals/unchanging principles to bring greater light and more clarity:

The Guardian Academy. The fundamental and core principles are free and self-study. Full disclosure: many are taught by yours truly. At the bottom of each article is an opt-in to get the step-by-step curriculum sent to you

Buy a Wolf Pup and join the community. Just hanging out with other Wolf Pups on the path will transfer to you via osmosis.

Master Apprentice Program with Master Jason Campbell and Grand Master Mike Leone (Wolf Pup #0's Grand Master)

CCA. Certification program designed to master the fundamentals. (It's expensive, so I would start the self-study and see how far you get)

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