What Am I Collecting in 2023?

The 2023 Plan For Wolf Pup#0

From The Desk Of Wolf Pup#0

Future Grand Master Collector

Gray Wolf Mountain, Arizona

December 2022

2022 was amazing for me and many of my Wolf Pup friends. It brought many new friends, new knowledge, many learning lessons, and incredible opportunities.

Given the last year of experience here is what I am focused on collecting/accumulating in 2023. (Remember, I have a long time preference, I am building for the future. You may have different goals and time preferences, so I will do my best to share the logic, reasoning, and evidence that is filtered through my personal beliefs and perspective).

This is in no particular order, as the market conditions and other life factors are always fluctuating. As a Gray Wolf, I expect and accept this. Here we go:

I have always been accumulating guard, everyone that knows me knows that I love to base case and chill. Look around the Wolf Den, TGA, and Polygon world:

The Guard FDN and Polygon have teamed up. I am #wolfish on Polygon Studios and #wolfish on guard, so this is double #wolfish.

This little collaboration seems to have set up a chain of events that, I believe, are worth looking into:

No more need for a CEX? Sign me up.

The Wolf Den is now actively accumulating Guard for governance power AND publishing projects that can contribute the same way...

A bunch of purpose-driven projects, all with different utilities and missions with their collective eyes on a bigger picture? MKP (My kinda people). #GYG


I will be working to achieve Grand Master Collector Status, which I wrote about here


The Wolf Pup family lost a fellow Wolf Pup and a good friend to addiction this week. 100% of the royalties from RecoveryPunks go to AFA to fund addiction recovery and research. I will be as active as possible for them. I will likely wait until they are all minted and then occasionally sweep the floor. Why? To generate royalties.

I will probably give the RecoveryPunks to contributors and researchers that contribute to the project. I will also likely sell the rarer ones and continue to sweep the floor. Again, it's fun and it's doing good.


I'm gonna be honest... I minted a lot of Penguins from the Penguin Posse Club. Like.. a LOT.

Now I am working on matching them up. I paid close attention and realized the penguins have eye colors that match the element/background of Wolf Pups, so the first thing I am going to do is make as many pairs as possible. Here is an example of a fire background Wolf Pup paired with fire eyes Penguin:

I also noticed that some of the traits of the penguins' map to other stuff in real life which I think is really cool. First, I'm going to match my penguins and pups and then explore the meaning of the other traits.

Those are the main focuses right now.

As far as TGA, I have nothing left to collect but that is the point. The Guardian Academy is about earning through GIVING not collecting, so I will be doubling down on my contribution to TGA.

This year, I want to get really get to know the Wolfpack Leaders and Guardians and spend some time with them helping them grow their business, create more impacts for others in the TGA, or whatever else we can do for them.

Go down some rabbit holes, have fun and help others!

Whatever you are collecting or accumulating, happy collecting!

Wolf Pup #0

Future Grand Master Collector

Gray Wolf Mountain, Arizona

Ps. If you are having a hard time navigating multiple projects or communities, this might help (starting around 13:35)

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