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Allow me to re-introduce myself...

Before introducing you to what's behind the getaway I'd like to embark you on,
I thought I'd share a bit more about myself, my love affair with music and writing, and why I started this project called...

| wordstobepoetry |

Grab a cup of , press play for some good old vibes, and enjoy this {longish} story.

In real life, people call me Sophia and know me as this 34yo girl whose heart is full of music and poems, humanistic ideals, and who has a surprising crush on humanitarian and copyright law—my mind, everywhere, all at once.
Mixing all of that creates an explosive blend, doesn't it 😅?

I was born and raised in Switzerland, far from all the world's stereotypes about us.
{Life definitely wasn't | still isn't, tbh | a quiet river.}

As I spent my childhood moving from city to city...

I fell in love with music, dancing, and writing.

They immediately became a kind of "best friends" to me.

Music came first as my home was full of the most incredible sounds of jazz, soul, African vibes, and the voices of every great singer on earth. For as long as I can remember, I was always dancing and singing to Miles Davis, Al Jarreau, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, and Stevie Wonder's vibes. As a true 90's kid, the Spice Girls definitely were around too.

I soon started spending afternoons & nights in my childhood room
writing baby poems while singing my favorite artist's songs.

A few years later, I started ballet, and after being quite bored by the discipline, I switched to something more liberating. That's when I met hip-hop. I instantly fell in love with its culture, its music, the tales it tells, and that special empowering freedom it offered us, dancers.

I remember writing my first attempt at music reviews when I was 12yo. A teacher asked us to write two press articles about something we loved. I chose Aaliyah & Tupac.

By then, music and writing had become essential parts of my life.

|| lighthouse ||

But I knew living off my passions was a thought dream. So I went on to University to discover my love for humanitarian and copyright law while studying singing at a jazz school, programming local bands and DJs at my University music festival, and writing music reviews and interviews for every national paper or webzine I could {I will share sneak peeks in the future}. I then went on to work in Switzerland's entertainment industry. Still writing about music whenever I could.

By this time, my poems and stories went quiet,
as if everything else kept them from living.

|| here away ||

But life works in mysterious ways...

Something in my life happened during the lockdown, making me feel and live things I thought I couldn't. These waves of emotions were strong and colored with every existing emotion's shades. It became impossible not to write about them.

That's when I started writing my heart out again.

Since then, I haven't spent a day without a few lines popping up in my head: from poems to music impressions and bits of a story. A lot of them as garbage to make some room. But I felt some of them were here for one thing—the story I've been writing, tiny bits by tiny bits since I was a teenager, and hoping one day I could translate it into a book.

Even though I knew they were, back then, I didn't see how these bits were linked. Until some missing parts appeared—that's part of the story I'm looking forward to writing.

Another perspective on the link of the tiny bits made me conclude that I wanted to tell the story differently: start with little parts that lead to the extended version. A prequel? A Sneak peek? Even I don't know yet.
Social media could have been the right tool. But its rules to succeed made me feel I had to become someone I am not to be able to share this story.

I didn't know much about it. But I was never confident enough to think that there was room in the publishing industry for the Padawan author with the crazy-looking ideas that I am. {Anyway, my plate was full of real-life duties, and I wish to keep music in my life by working in its industry.}
And, I wasn't interested in discovering another crooked part of the huge family that is what we call in Switzerland the cultural industry.
What I had seen convinced me that I didn't quite belong to their code.

By 2021, I had discovered NFTs and web3 and was drawn to the possibilities they offered us. I soon realized I had found a way to make my crazy dream where poetry meets music to build a story a real thing: a story that reveals itself little by little over time, far from the industry's requirements, from a writer to a reader, without any obstacles.
Just the two of us discovered this story

That's when I met | wordstobepoetry |

But what is | wordstobepoetry |?

That's a question I'll answer in another post.

I hope you'll enjoy our getaway.

Words truly,


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