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— follow the making of my 1st novel —

Everyone who knows me or has been following my work knows poetry and music are my go-to clouds to express myself. Shake everything up through the moon, and you'll get an explosive blend—one out of which, one day, a story came to my mind. One where poetry and music are among the main characters. One you'll discover in my upcoming first novel. Such a creative burst only happens when music awakens thoughts in my head. I never wrote anything without music by my side. And I'm certainly not the only one who draws inspiration from music's chemical effects on our brains.

Music's impact on us intrigues me, like not many other things do.

Have you ever asked yourself how music impacted you and the world around you?

Some hate it, even repulse it. Some see it as just a lazy decoration that goes with the moment. It's even impossible for some of us to hear it as we do, and, for some, music is an essential part of their lives, something that blows their senses away when they meet THAT particular sound.

I know I belong in the last category, and if you're reading this, you probably do, too.

What is so special about music that it can profoundly impact our lives?

There's the impact on society, where music is the anthem for our riots, to lift our social revolutions, or get drunk on a night out at the club. And then, there's the personal impact, when the music hits us so profoundly we can't do anything but express what it makes us feel—from dancing like it was our last day on Earth to crying our grief out loud. It somehow becomes the missing piece to solve your life's puzzle.

This is what we will explore.
Not as a scientific paper would but as a creative one would.

Every once in a while {understand: when a new part of the story is ready to be shared}, we'll get on our magic cloud to explore a song or an album. We will discover the impact it had—or didn't have—on music's and/or society's history. Along the way, we will see what happens when a creative lets its sound invade her entirely.

Ok. Now, where do we start?

At the beginning of the story I’ve been telling you about lately
—one inspired by some of the music we will explore.

The story starts on an ordinary day. Well…except the sunset was weird. Hypnotic music suddenly replaced the Earth's usual sounds, and poetry started raining from the sky. Among the poems, two looked bigger. What happened in our brains was something we'd never experienced before. Words and music were in every corner of our minds. Everyone heard a different song—their most joyful one—and the poems left us feeling at peace. Then, everyone froze before falling into the deepest sleep they'd ever had.

Yeah…just an ordinary day on Earth.

This music was so powerful it created poetry in our minds.
That's the first thing the story tells us.

Everyone has a set of music that moves them the most. That's why, on that day, everyone heard something different. Our narrator heard a kaleidoscope of music's history. It started with the blues' early days before becoming everything it evolved into through the centuries. From yesterday's jazz to today's latest children—with it, bits of the past. Every sound brought a new hint to the story’s hidden pages. But some questions were left unsolved: why did our narrator hear more songs than the others on that day? Why did this all happen? And, last but not least, where did this music come from?

This is where the story meets our reality.
Music—so strong it can impact the course of a story.

How did these songs impact the story, us, and society?

With this travel through music at the core of our story's beginning, this newsletter will also explore everything those musicians accomplished and the impact it has—or doesn't have—on us, as a society, or as human beings. We will jump from one century to another. Sometimes, it'll be music to see our history from a different perspective. Sometimes, it'll be music to {re}discover just for the sake of it. We will find “fun facts” about music’s impact on our brains. Along the way, we will meet poetry. Well...a little bit more, actually:

these poems will tell us the story of a society about to change forever.

At the end of the road, the story will be a novel. One I will write at a peaceful pace, one page at a time {meaning: don’t expect it to be out for a while. We're in very very early stages}.

One where poetry and music are among the main characters.

While we wait for this fat baby to get out of me, you’ll get, once a month, in your inbox:
One poem part of the story
What does it tell us about the story? Your call!
In the next post, I’ll share your best & funniest interpretations of where this story goes.
A short introduction of the song or album that inspired the poem
A fun fact or resource to learn more about music’s impact on our brains.
A monthly contest: suggest an album or a song!
In the next post, I’ll share a poem inspired by a piece of music you submitted {chosen by drawing lot}. The winner will win the 1/1 minted poem. The trick? If the album or song doesn’t inspire me anything, there’s nothing to win. After all, our relationship to music is subjective, isn’t it 😉?

The little plus we all love:
If one of the songs inspired you to create a piece of art, mint it & shoot it! I'll add it to the next issue.
One highlight from the write3 community’s latest drop.
Updates on the | wordstobemusic | magazine next volume {hint: it’s also an element of the story)
More {fingers crossed} gems to discover in the future.

Here's your chance to win a 1/1 NFT poem to celebrate this!
Fill out this form to join the contest.

One last question: will you jump on our cloud?

I hope you'll enjoy our monthly getaway,


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