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How Ordinals Are Making Bitcoin More Like Ethereum

Also, check out the Mirror posts I've been interacting with this week

Have Ordinals turned Bitcoin into something worse than Ethereum? This is kind of a funny predicament. On one hand, bitcoin maximalists have a point. Ordinals have driven up network fees and turned the blockchain into a spam pit. Other the other hand, it's an open-source network, which means that anyone can jump on, shit in their neighbor's yard, and run for the baseball field with a blazing torch strapped to one's naked ass. And that's precisely what BRC-20 creators are doing. Welcome to the world of decentralization. Yippee-ki-yi-yay MOFOs!

What is a reflection token?

CoinGecko ranks the 15 top decentralized social media platforms. Usually, when people rank these platforms, they leave Hive off and include Steemit, indicating their bias. In this case, CoinGecko includes Hive, but I don't think this is good journalism. It shows Hive way down the list and Steemit at No. 2, which is questionable. Several of the other platforms listed are also on Hive and if they're all added together, they would put Hive higher than Bluesky. Another thing is, they call Steemit a "Reddit Alternative" and Hive a "Medium Alternative," but Hive forked off Steem, which means they have the same basic source code.

Rook DAO's token surged 475 percent this year.

What is decentralized identity?

Hive Learn launches a Hive development school. This is a great initiative and could lead to further growth of the Hive blockchain. We could use a few more good front ends that don't seek to duplicate dapps already on the blockchain but are fresh, new ideas.

Challenges developers face when integrating AI with Web3.

One digital artist is offering hand-made prints of his popular NFT collection. When others zig, you zag.

Singaporean researchers claim to solve DAO governance problem.

You don't want to miss today's episode of Defluenced. Uncle Bonehead and I had Nathan Senn and Chris Rice back on the show to talk about the D.Buzz proposal for funding, how they got what they asked for, and where they're taking the Hive blockchain's leading microblogging dapp next. Read the D.Buzz proposal here.

Who's Doing What in Web3?

This is where I share some of the Web3 social media posts I've been reading this week.

Who's Hanging Out at Hive

@hiro-hive celebrates @TheyCallMeDan as a true Hive warrior.

@lordbutterfly discusses a framework for assessing the extent to which social media platforms are decentralized. He and I get into a robust discussion, along with @starkerz, over the nature of the framework and whether it's fair or accurate to refer to Hive.Blog as a platform rather than a protocol. In my mind, the blockchain is the protocol and the social media interface, a front end equal to other front ends like @ecency and @peakd is a platform. This is critical when judging Web3 social media platforms because some of them are built on existing blockchains rather than on their own blockchains and the blockchain upon which one is built determines a great deal in terms of user experience. Comparing apples to apples is critical.

Looking at the Mirror

This month, I and a few other Web3 warriors took Greg Younger's 30-Day Mirror Challenge. The Write3 Guy taught us how to create a Subscribe-to-Mint NFT on Mirror and challenged us to do it ourselves. Below are a few of the entries in the challenge, including my own:

  • Memecoins and Shitcoins: Free Money! - As the bona fide leader and bankroller of the native Web3 cult Baldism, CD | Vagobond Magazine is giving away 1 million $BALDS, the authorized tokens of Bald Jesus. But don't ask him to hang on the lover's cross.

  • NFTs in the Wild is Live - Lily Snyder minted her first NFT.

  • Mom is Love - Cryptoversal Books is celebrating Mother's Day all month long. One can't celebrate mothers long enough.

  • Danny and His Gum Factory - BTDwayne is offering to turn minter characters into a story. This is one of the coolest ideas I've seen yet. Create a character and someone else can write the story for it.

  • Ethereum is Venice - Leighton compares Ethereum to Venice as a trade route.

  • The Shape of Words - Arjantupan celebrates poetry NFTs.

  • Why Should I Buy Your Writing NFT When I Can Read It For Free? - From no other than Mr. Younger himself. Let a pro show you how it's done.

  • Only Six Days Left to Claim Your Book Launch Poster - I wrote this two days ago. Since then, the last mint has been claimed. But don't lose hope! It was only the free poster announcing my forthcoming launch of my Paragraph book. On May 22, the first ever Paragraph token-gated book with a Mirror token as the gate will be available. I was initially going to mint only 5 copies, but since I was able to sell out 5 mints of the free poster before the deadline, I may increase that to 10.

Pushing It on Paragraph

Words To Be Music celebrates poetry and music.

What's happening this week in Farcaster. I got an invite to Farcaster and would love to like it. It looks like a good system, but I can only use it on my smartphone and I don't like using my phone for creating and posting content. I'm an old guy and love my laptop. Unfortunately, Farcaster has a way to pair the mobile app to an Apple/Mac operating system, but not for Windows. That pretty much shuts me out. But I'm going to be patient.

The good, bad, and ugly truth about crypto volatility.

Collect My Last 3 Paragraph Posts

Every Tuesday, I post a new video from a travel YouTube channel my wife and I operate.

I'm bullish on Polygon.

For Christians ... or anyone interested in exploring ancient wisdom.

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