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web4.0 Read, Write, Own, Create

The democratization of creativity will pioneer the next era.

The internet has enabled people to read and write information. This interaction between the internet and people is fundamental.

Web3.0 added "Own" to this dynamic. People can now own assets using blockchain technology. However, owning is a passive activity, akin to reading on the internet. Therefore, the next phase, Web4.0, should define a productive activity similar to writing on the internet. What could this be?

It is the creation of value. People need to be able to create valuable assets on the blockchain. Strictly speaking, creative activities are already possible on-chain, but they still have a high barrier to entry. The "Create" aspect of Web4.0 refers to a state where creative activities are as democratized as possible. Creating websites, writing blogs, and uploading images on the internet are highly democratized today. A similar phenomenon will unfold on-chain.

So, what exactly does creation entail?

There are various types of value that can be created on-chain. The most primitive outcome is tokens. The tokens you hold were created by someone. Token creation is becoming democratized through various services. Anyone can now launch their own unique token.

Additionally, the creation of on-chain art, music, and games will become more democratized. EIS is a service focused on on-chain art, enabling anyone to easily bring their ideas to life. We describe EIS as "A canvas that lives in the sky." All artworks on EIS are stored on-chain, allowing anyone to call them up and remix them. Revenue sharing based on these inherited relationships is executed on-chain. This represents the democratization of creative activities, a service that can only be realized through blockchain.

Let's take a look at what's happening at EIS.


Web4.0 represents a significant evolution in the internet, moving from merely reading, writing, and owning to enabling the creation of value on a democratized level. As we transition to this new phase, the barriers to creative activities on-chain will diminish, opening up new opportunities for self-expression and innovation. This shift will democratize the creation process, making it accessible to all, and will be a crucial step in leveraging blockchain technology to its fullest potential.

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