$1M+ Sales x3 = Are NFTs Dead? | Issue #63

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In case you missed it, I dropped a new premium article last week featuring zeroX. My next one is with BastienJPG and after that I am doing LexDoom. It took a minute to warm up but the premium content will be coming. As a note, some will be completely free to view, others will have free previews and lastly some will be purely premium only. I am also in discussions with 452b on collaborating on some exclusive content.

I recently made my Bitcoin Ordinals minting guide completely free. I am trying to help as many artists and get my name out there. My IRL job is sitting between the technical world and the regular world. I “translate” content so both are happy and get what they want. At heart, I love to nerd out about the tech in crypto. Money is somewhat a motivator but learning and meeting people doing cool shit is my real motivator for being in this space. And this tool was a way for me to help artists approach ordinals in a user friendly manner.

A couple other random bits, I am trying to think of a new name for premium subscribers. If you have any suggestions, let me know I would be happy to hear them. Lastly, let me know if you are heading to NFT NYC. If we have enough people going, I can plan a meet up or would love to meet some readers.


This tweet came across my timeline and the first thing that stood out to me was the expansion of accredited investors. It has been a long long time since that definition was changed and it is about time. I recall many moons ago when I was younger I was not able to invest in company due to this rule and I always found it crazy. On one hand, I get the government wants to protect regular citizens but if someone is able to use leverage to invest and lose all their money on options then why the hell could they not do the same with a start up? It has always felt that the way to get out of poverty was being blocked from most people. Crypto does a great job of letting anyone lose their money but when it hits, it hits hard for memecoin chasers. And some of that money people make is life changing so why not let us do the same here.

Title III—Improving Capital Allocation for Newcomers
Sec. 2302. Qualifying Venture Capital Investment Company Act of 1940 to increase the number of persons a qualifying venture capital fund can have from 250 to 600 persons and increases the  AUM from $10M and $150M. 
Title III—Risk Disclosure and Investor Attestation
Sec. 3302. Investor Attestation: Introduces a form of investor self-certification regarding understanding of risks associated with investing in private issuers. This could simplify the process for investors to participate in private offerings.
Title IV—Accredited Investors Include Individuals Receiving Advice from Certain Professionals
Sec. 3401. Accredited Investors Include Individuals Receiving Advice from Certain Professionals: Expands the definition of an accredited investor to include individuals receiving personalized investment advice, potentially increasing access to venture capital investments for more individuals.

NFT Space

RocketPool aka my one an only pool staking pool I like right now has reached over 4.35billion in total value locked in. An extremely bullish indicator for me and hoping that more and more people use this pool over Lido and others to keep the decentralization up for ETH.


UnbearableKnife dropped a really dope OpenEdition and 1/1 this past week. Both pieces titled The Last Airdrop. Honestly both pieces are bangers. I am sucker for monochrome and red items so both of these called to me. If gas chills a bit, I may have to make an offer on that 1/1 depending on how some of my current WETH offers go.

As I mentioned before, this Gamma Partner featured artist is going to be a hit for the ordinals space. Waxbones, who I have been a fan of for a bit now (ever since that Meka drop) dropped his first edition piece with Gamma. Year Of The Vulture is an edition of 33, sold out quickly and even has a couple secondary sales. Congrats to Waxbones and especially the Gamma team, looking forward to seeing what other artists are a part of this program.

Western Art Department finished up all of its sales this past week. Congrats to postwook, parinheidari and kelly and all the bidders on a successful drop. My two favorite pieces from this drop are me and my bull by Kelly. And The Journey by postwook, both of these pieces are absolutely bangers.

Although I am running out of wall space, I do enjoy a good NFT + Physical drop and this drop by Nishant the pieces are gorgeous. I really enjoy the use of the color background and white character/body. It makes it pop really well and the shading stands out really nicely.


The Zealy.io word for this weeks read is, “rocketpool”. Make sure to get in on the fun and giveaways.

Notable Sales

Lost Robbie #262 sold for 209ETH. The last sale I have in my records is Robbie 166 selling for 150Eth, so this is a substantial upgrade to the floor/last sale.

When Airdrop? by XCOPY sold for 151.2ETH to Cozomo Medici. Cozomo says he has another big purchase up his sleeve that is even bigger than this one. Let us see what else he pulls out of the hat.


This week has been a pretty crazy week for XCOPY pieces as a whole. If there is any piece you have wanted, right now seems to be the time to be buying NFTs. On one hand we have had some mega sales, like the Alien Punk selling for 4,500ETH. A transaction celebrated by many but as a reminder, the last one sold for 8,000ETH so this is a steep discount as there are only 9 in the whole collection.

Fidenza Monochrome sold for 496ETH. I love the monochrome fidenzas. I even have one of them as my wallpaper for my desktop and for my personal website. Another Fidenza sold for $1M USD as well, fidenzas were definitely cooking this past week.


Lastly, over on the Ordinals side of the shop. I am super bullish on Bitcoin Shrooms. JPEGMASTERS swept over 20 Shrooms for over $2M USD. Acquiring 10% of the supply on this legendary collection.



Things I am looking forward to.

0xMonas announced Ordglyphs. Within 72 hours of being announced their twitter handle reached 1k followers. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this collection.


Sunken0x has announced their Sentinels collection that is coming to Ordinals. We don’t have a date but this is one on my radar.

On March 21st, Jeremy Booth will be opening up his print shop. The last time he did this, it was really successful and this time I suspect the same. Make sure to check out his website for more information.


OSF announced his new collection that he has been showing previews of for a while titled Professional Degen 5. OSF is extremely apt at capturing meme worthy moments in the space in his style so this collection based on his previews is going to be full of amazing memeable NFTs.



These fuzzy wuzzy was a bear shoes need to calm down on how HARD they are. I don’t care what people think, I will comb the hair on these if I get my hand on them.


Meme Of The Week

Yo excel is an extremely powerful tool. And I totally judge people that say they are “good” at excel but use a mouse (real talk). So this one got me good. If your finance person uses a mouse with excel, find a new finance person.


Have a great rest of your week!

CIAHOAD-Rick James

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