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Farcards Rewards Creators

Ambassadors Edition #17

Farcards Rewards Creators

Happy Thursday!

Hey! It's Kyle Patrick. Join us as we unwrap the latest in the Base Ecosystem!

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Farcards continues to take over Farcaster. If you haven't read my primer about what farcards is or haven't heard about farcards in general, check out the article here.

Recently, the team announced that they have distributed 14.7 ETH to Farcards holders based on the trading volume over the past few weeks. This was automatically airdropped to the creators as a testament that the team builds together with the community. I personally appreciated this, as I received a small amount of ETH, demonstrating that the Farcards team values its community.

Currently, the team imposes a 10% trading fee on buying or selling a Farcard. Of this 10%, 6% is returned to the creators, and 4% is allocated to the project for maintenance. Judging from this arrangement, it seems this will not be the last time they send ETH back to the creators. I appreciate it when projects take care of their community and look forward to more development soon.

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