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My Blueprint for The Future

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My vision for a better future doesn’t just leap beyond the realms of cutting-edge technology, culinary breakthroughs, or the allure of space exploration. It’s deeply rooted in two pivotal, personal quests which are:

Be Curious ( Same name as my newsletter, not a coincidence 😀) :

The first pillar of my envisioned future is a relentless pursuit of self-discovery and always being curious. For a long time, I was lost, believing that success meant tirelessly proving myself and climbing the corporate ladder, until I realized I had lost sight of my own existence and the reasons for my being here. The allure of societal symbols of success, like enjoying a Starbucks coffee as portrayed in movies or wearing fancy brand clothes, once made me envious, leading me to live without true purpose.

However, after hitting rock bottom, I realized I had only myself. Choosing and prioritizing me led me to rediscover the joy of living and learning. I found myself in libraries, quenching my thirst for knowledge but, more importantly, seeking to understand who I am. Why had I not thought about this before? Listening to my heart and just being curious might be the answer to many questions for humans. I reawakened my curious child and started embracing life with a heart and mind wide open. 

My motivation shifted from pleasing others to satisfying that inner child of mine whom I had silenced for years. This realization, long in the making, is something I believe should be imparted to the youth much earlier. Parents or teachers teach us how to be good citizens in the world, but somehow they stifle our inner child as we grow up. And that's exactly what I want to teach my children: no matter the age or where they are, be curious, follow your heart.

Everyone is good at something, but sometimes we just don't know it, so my friend, it's time to ask your inner child and discover and kindle that inner spark. Always be curious. If I were to ask myself if I would be happy with what I achieved if I died tomorrow, years ago the answer was no, but today it is yes. I can die happy knowing that I'm blessed with a family and a husband so kind.

Problem-solving skills:

The second cornerstone of my vision emphasizes the indispensability of problem-solving skills. Initially, I was caught in the belief that conventional markers of success, like coding proficiency or accumulating certificates, were the gateways to better opportunities. And they still are, don't get me wrong. But this belief led me down a path focused more on showcasing achievements rather than fostering genuine understanding and capability.

I soon realized that possessing only superficial knowledge meant I lacked the depth to truly innovate or create from the ground up. The current system, with its enticing promises like “Learn How to Land a Six-Figure Job,” or “Get Rich with Crypto,” shouldn’t be considered a path. There is no scheme for getting rich quickly. Also, I realized this in my country, where the slogans of universities are "study with us to get a good job here and there." No one teaches us about entrepreneurship or owning a business and so on. Another aspect I realized is that it seemed to perpetuate a cycle of jumping from one job to another rather than fostering a mindset geared towards making meaningful contributions in line with personal values.

There are more important things to learn about problem-solving than just being good at something. Creativity, the art of experimentation, and the value of critical thinking in solving problems are something rarely imparted in traditional education. I wish many years ago I had known that experimenting and failing is fine too. But it took me a long time to get better at problem-solving, and I still have a long journey to go. So my take is don't just get better at coding or math, but get better at problem-solving!

These principles, rich in personal meaning and conviction, lay the groundwork for my vision of a future that champions a more profound, introspective, and innovative approach to life and learning. It’s a vision imbued with the lessons from my own journey—lessons I wish were imparted to me much sooner.

They encapsulate my earnest hope for a future that values the depth of personal discovery and the transformative power of solving problems, marking the essence of a higher vision for the days to come.

To conclude, I'd like to share a notable quote from Naval Ravikant: "Stop sacrificing today for some imaginary tomorrow. You need to reach the point when today is what you are excited about."!

Love 💌

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