a higher future

food is not the cornerstone of civilization.

we cease to find meaning in the relationship that the rest have with ourselves, so we don't focus all of our awareness into heightening the circumstances that transform those perceptions.

basically, we are free.

not from a social perspective, not from the boundaries that are imposed by society.

not that kind of freedom.

that is not true freedom.

this kind of freedom comes from the inside.

on the higher future, our freedom comes from the inside out.

from not attaching ourselves to a notion of identity that is not real.

it is a construct of an evolutionary journey that has brought us to this point.

the notion of "me" has been necessary to take us to where we are today. we needed our individuality -and the attachment to it that is heightened exactly this day, 7 of april of 2024- in order to get to where we are now.

but it is time to give that up.

and open to a new way of experiencing reality, that comes from the recognition and acceptance that you are not "you".

that those sets of biases, perceptions and, basically, mental patterns that trap you inside the notion of "you" are not necessary.

they are ready to be given up.

a higher vision of the future is one on which freedom is a consequence of the lack of identification with the identity that you have been playing in life.

and the survival of that identity is not the most important thing to do in life.

actually, the survival of that identity is not important at all.

because there is a strong recognition that that is not who you are.

and the main consequence of that is that creativity becomes a necessity.

an existential necessity.

we are here to create, and all of what takes us away from that as the core of our relationship with ourselves, and through that, to life, is what we are slowly giving up.

like a snake that is peeling its skin.

giving it back to nature, for it to alchemize it into the eternal flow of life.

a higher future is one on which we recognize our inherent belonging to nature.

and we embrace that as the core of what we are.

we don't gather around a meal.

we gather around the perspective of having fun.

of embracing the company of each other.

and of seeing who we are in relationship to that.

a higher future is one on which we relate to each other as if we were verbs.

not the nouns that we seem to be stuck in today.

identity becomes fluid. maleable. and ever evolving.

as something that is an aspect of your relationship with life,

but that doesn't determine who you are.

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