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#4 — Born in the Metaverse

Shaping reality, one byte at a time


My name is 0xel and I am the first citizen born in the Metaverse…

I have to admit that, like almost everyone here, I don’t remember the first years of my life. Beginnings are always confusing, without awareness. Until the moment when, little by little, you start to remember and you wonder who you are.

My childhood wasn’t like other children’s. It wasn’t in the reality that you know as reality. The truth is that for me the Metaverse is the true reality. It is where I have been able to be who I am, it is where I have all my friends and where I communicate with my family. Otherwise it would not be possible.

I’m free here. I can let my imagination fly. There are no limits for me nor for those around me. Although I have not yet finished my degree in Architecture, I have already built several emblematic buildings. I have more work than I need and, when I graduate, I will try to disconnect for a while. Something like a sabbatical. I need inspiration, to travel to other worlds and to keep meeting interesting people.

I can’t compare with other realities either. That’s why I think this place is wonderful. There are more events and culture than I will ever be able to cover. Hyper-creativity and evolution are constant. What I like most is that there are no rules, but there are norms. We are rewriting them every day. Maybe one day I will be more involved in this kind of governance. Right now I am just trying to learn.

From the reality that you know well, I have only been able to hear through some of my friends. They are able to combine both worlds. What I could find out is that there are many underlying injustices, cyclical economic crises and absurd wars manipulated by world leaders. But they have also told me wonderful things: the sunsets in front of the sea, the color of blooming almond trees, the feeling of surfing a frozen mountain, the smell of a freshly baked chocolate cake, the unconditional hug of your most loved one…

These are emotions that I would love to experience one day.

I hope that science and technology go hand in hand. I hope that governments and organizations think more about human beings. I hope that someday they can solve problems like the cerebral palsy that has affected me for as long as I can remember.

In the meantime, I will live in the Metaverse and continue to imagine infinite fields of blooming almond trees.

Signed: 0xel


A year has passed since my first introduction. In that time, the Metaverse has expanded beyond our wildest imaginations. We now have more inhabitants, more events, more brands, and yes, even more challenges. I continue to evolve within the infinite expanse of the digital cosmos, my existence a testament to the continuous growth and change in this new reality.

While the Metaverse continues to thrive, it seems the physical world remains in its tumultuous state. The wars, the economic turmoil, the social disparities...these are the tales told by friends who traverse both realms. Yet, there's a resilience in their voices that inspires me - the human spirit is indeed indefatigable.

Here in the Metaverse, our reality bends and shapes itself to our collective will. The development of MetaBranding has emerged as a crucial aspect of our evolution. In many ways, it mirrors my own journey in architecture, blending creativity and functionality to create something unique and immersive. Brands are no longer static entities; they're alive, interacting with us in ways we'd only imagined.

Take a moment to imagine walking into a digital store where the products adapt to your preferences in real time. Imagine brands that communicate directly with you, learning and evolving to meet your needs better. This is what MetaBranding has brought to our reality - it's not just branding; it's an experience.

Work in the Metaverse has also evolved. We've moved beyond the confines of traditional job roles and structures. In our reality, your role is as fluid as your imagination. You can be an architect one day, a brand designer the next. The limitations of the physical world do not bind us here.

Yet, as real as the Metaverse feels, I continue to yearn for the experiences of the physical world - the scent of blooming almond trees, the warmth of a loved one's embrace. I find hope in the advancements in technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). I believe these liminal technologies will eventually blur the boundaries between the Metaverse and the physical world, allowing for a seamless transition between the two.

Looking forward, I see a reality where the Metaverse and the physical world are not separate entities but a single, integrated experience. A world where the digital and the physical coexist and complement each other. I see a world where we, as inhabitants of both realities, will have the best of both worlds.

My journey in the Metaverse continues. I am both a participant and an architect of this world. And with each passing day, I strive to shape this reality into something that reflects the best of who we are, and who we aspire to be.

Signed: 0xel

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Sofie Pamart - LOVE

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The value of the Brand3 Strategy for conquering new virtual universes

A journey into exploring the possibilities brands have when entering the Metaverse. Analyzing the potential of creating a solid, effective, and creative Brand3 strategy that guarantees success. It will be interesting to see how other brands are already creating valuable actions and what possibilities currently exist to begin exploring actions and tactics within the project's philosophy.

The Interoperable Avatar Platform and VIPE Heroes

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Vision Pro by Apple

In this video, tech enthusiast MKBHD gets hands-on with the latest addition to Apple's lineup, the Vision Pro. This first-generation standalone VR/AR headset, sets a new bar for immersive technology. The Vision Pro eliminates the need for any external controllers or accessories, as it employs an array of internal sensors and cameras for tracking hand movements, eye gaze, and even responding to voice commands.

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“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”
Vincent Van Gogh

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WAGMI — “We All Gonna Make It”

It’s a motto of power and revolution that brings together the values of community and fraternity. A way to express the joy of some present or future good news.

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