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Weekly Update - 8/11/2023

Here is an update of the events that have transpired this week


  • We have more blog posts from @OrnellaWeb3, @d0wnlore and @Allyn Bryce were submitted. Read all about them below.

  • The I AM A ANON -Ayla Open Edition has ended. You have until 11:59pm Pacific on August 21st 2023 (which is 30 days from the close of the mint) to redeem your free t-shirt.

  • Each wallet that minted at least one ANON is eligible to receive a free I AM A DAOPunk ANON t-shirt (shipping not included). Find all the details on how to claim the shirt in our IAMA exclusive channel: #🤖iama-general

    • You can also buy the I AM A ANON t-shirt right now in our merch store for $30.

      • Shipping costs has been dramatically reduced as compared to our 1-of-1 shirts.

  • LiveFast is working very hard on creating the remaining Archetypes. He has been dropping teasers:

  • The next 3 Archetypes will be dropped simultaneously. The goal is drop them before September, but that is all contingent on LiveFast being able to finish the designs and get the corresponding merch ready. Feel free to DM LiveFast some words of encouragement. Without him, this project would not be possible.

  • LiveFast also wanted to know what the community thought about bringing back more personalized DAOpunk merch. For instance, you could order a sweatshirt with your own DAOpunk on the front similar to what is shown below in this tweet.

  • LiveFast is also preparing a DpIP to determine voting weight and voting rights for I AM A holders. This will be a multi-DpIP process where a first DpIP will be a vote to determine how much weight an I AM A holder will get for voting for DAOpunks, and a follow up DpIP will be needed to amend the Governance Framework to incorporate these changes. For determining the voting weight, a Rank-Based voting choice will most likely be used to help.

  • DAOpunks Treasury has a new wallet on Optimism: 0x0c76Cf20CBd5fD64e8C33077DF462002851F8Ff1
    This is because Safe Multi-Sig Wallets do not allow you to easily and properly create ETH MainNet wallet address' across different chains. As such, we have had to create a new treasury address specifically for Optimism.

cohort_3 Blog Posts

  • OrnellaWeb3 🏴


    Allyn Bryce (liquidiot)

    Astro Insights for DAOpunks: Embracing the Lion's Gate Portal and Navigating the Cosmic Waves

    Hi Punks!

    As we journey through the month of August, we find ourselves amidst the powerful energies of the Lion's Gate Portal, a cosmic event that promises spiritual growth, transformation, and manifestation. This portal, which began on July 26th and culminates on August 12th, is a time when the Earth aligns with the star Sirius and the Sun in Leo, flooding our planet with potent cosmic energies.

    Lion's Gate Portal: A Dive into the Mystical

    This is not just an astrological phenomenon; it's a spiritual gateway that offers us a unique opportunity to align with higher frequencies and manifest our deepest desires. Remember the energies we discussed last week? They were just the beginning, setting the stage for the transformative energies of the Lion's Gate.

    On August 8th, the portal reached its peak, resonating with the powerful number 8, symbolizing infinity, abundance, and balance. This was a time to harness the lion's courage, strength, and determination to manifest our dreams and aspirations.

    For those who are new to astrology or need a refresher, the Lion’s Gate Portal is believed to thin the veil between the physical and spiritual realms, making it easier to communicate with higher beings and receive cosmic downloads. It's a time to delve deep into rituals, spells, and practices that align with this energy, from prosperity spells to love rituals.

    Daily Predictions for Today August 11th: A somewhat challenging day, especially for Virgo and Pisces. However, Leos will find a way to navigate through with the Moon's hexagon with the Retrograde Venus.

    Embracing the Lion's Gate Portal Magic

    As we approach the closing of the Lion's Gate Portal tomorrow, it's essential to remember the magic it brings. Engage in rituals, meditate, and set your intentions. Whether you're looking to boost creativity, attract love, or focus on personal growth, this is the time to do it.

    For those who wish to make the most of this energy, consider Davina MacKail’s Ritual. Create a manifesting altar or find a quiet place, light a candle, meditate, and write down your dreams. For the next few days, focus on these dreams, visualizing them coming to fruition.

    In conclusion, the Lion’s Gate Portal is a reminder of the abundant universe's support. As we navigate through these cosmic waves, let's remember to trust the journey, embrace the magic, and always aim for the stars.

    Stay tuned for more astro insights, and until then, keep shining!

    With cosmic love,

    Jo Edor

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  • Find more about our Talent Collective and our Job Board by visiting our Pallet.

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