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Newsletter #57

  1. Tipping on X: @idriss launched $DEGEN tipping on X. Read this thread for more details. Download their browser extension and tip away on X.

  2. Relay .5% incentive Fee: Yesterday @pw and the Relay team launched quick and easy deposit and withdrawals. Today they announced they will pay users a .5% to instant bridge. Over the course of 7 day's that's roughly 26% APY.

  3. Degen Ecosystem List: Top Degen @wake provides us with v1 of his Degen chain ecosystem list. Everyday hundreds of new tokens, projects and integrations on Degen chain are launched. Not many people are tapped in than Wake and he shares his findings with us all in this comprehensive list.

  4. Another Frame for $DEGEN stats: There have been a handful of frames that quickly provide you with you $DEGEN stats. Today we get another great frame from @joeblau that shows your tip allowance, remaining tip allowance, points in tips and liquidity mining and your wallet balance.

  5. More Swap Data: Yesterday @betashop.eth and team launched in-frame swaps for Degen chain, they say $320K in volume in the first 24 hours. You can use their frame swap here.

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