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GM Farcaster: the $degens get their airdrop and tradfi gets its Bitcoin ETFs

GM Farcaster weekly recap Jan 8 -Jan 12, 2024

This week was jam packed with Farcaster news and beyond with the $degen airdrop, feature releases, and the SEC approval of Bitcoin ETFs finally! A premature SEC tweet led to Warpcast smirks. Plus a * major * new feature release was teased but we didn't get to discuss it...yet! (Group direct casts launched late Friday so tune into Monday 8:30 am ET for that.)

Thank you Grace for chatting with us about the vibes and the $vibes on Unlonely as part of our Fridays with Frens series. See her episode below, along with the other two from this week. Coming up this Friday with Frens, we'll chat with j4ck about Icebreaker.

Our sponsorships opportunities are still open for January with one last CLP available. Better hurry! Learn more here.

AND thank you to this week's CLP Cybershakti and LENSPOST!

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Lenspost social studio is truly multichain with tokenized assets from 5+chains and cross-chain revenue splits unlocking a whole new creator economy. Visit for alpha access. And reach out to @cybershakti on Warpcast with questions!

Last week's episodes:

GM Farcaster episode 44, January 8, 2024

Show Notes and Links – some of the stuff we talked about:

$degen airdrop is here!

A record day!

Are we in the second epoch? Feels like way more

2023 vs 2024:

cast embed improvement:

Reminder: the logo is cc0:

profile hover:


and woj is building Supercast…forever:

heuristic qualities:

a founder’s internal dialogue:

what have been the mistakes?

And some other casts we didn’t get a chance to chat about:

Litecast launch:

Are you a UI/UX designer?

ilya loves us all:

2024 requests for startups from Variant:

Jesse shouting out the Base channel over on Twitter:

$farts prop house:

GM Farcaster episode 45, January 10, 2024

NOTE: we had some tech difficulties at the end so edited in a piece at the end -- thanks to the chat for hanging with us through it all!

Show Notes and Links – some of the stuff we talked about:

Hubs worldwide!

So…what do you think it is?

Fun with the SEC:

Outcasters 026 curated by @dawufi:

Litecast launch on testflight:

New mint with warps out:

And that process is smooth: x/0x2b4dfc0a

Tell you friends—sign up for Farcaster free with Coinbse wallet:

50k signups!


The Farcaster arch at home:

Welcome to the strategy channel:

Give the gift of Warpcast:

And some other casts we didn’t get a chance to chat about:

Warpcast home feed:

No channel channel:

How do channels increase distribution:

Onchain Essays:

Bullish on Base!

Getting unwanted direct casts?

GM Farcaster episode 46, January 12, 2024

Show Notes and Links – some of the stuff we talked about:

Over $1M to Farcaster builders!

Channel notifications got an upgrade:

/fc-devs channel is live!

How do channels increase distribution for a cast?

Getting unwanted direct casts?

Warpcast DAU year-over-year

Base is the Farcaster community's preferred chain:

Thank you @v for saving us all:

Inverse AMAs for the win:

And speaking of the spirtuality channel…

And some other casts we didn’t get a chance to chat about:

Oh @ted GM Farcaster could’ve helped with this!

How should bountycaster support FarCon? Linda wants to know!

Warp speed:

What’s the goss Adrienne?

Move your community from discord to a channel:

You ok Dan?

And our musings elsewhere:

Learn more about sponsoring GM Farcaster:

Adrienne: Some of the Things: A Look Back on 2023

FC Scenius Lexicon project:

And Adrienne’s Podcast – Four Old College Friends:

Nounish Prof: Unpacking with Prof:

GM Farcaster weekly recap for last week:

AND is live along with a new GM Farcaster FAQ:

AND GM Farcaster is now available everywhere you get your podcasts including YouTube, Apple podcasts and Spotify!

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