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I'm Interested Vol.4

In this issue: Closing the loop, winning 🟪, LOTS of new roles and heading to the Mile High City

Hi everyone, and welcome back to Vol. 4 of I'm Interested - our weekly newsletter to keep you updated with all things interesting re: jobs, hiring, and web3.

I’m Alec.eth 🤠 - the Chief Alec Officer of, a web3 hiring platform that helps teams find their next great hire through high-quality referral funnels. To learn more about the history of @interestefyi: check out our very first edition here

But TLDR; after my 5+ years of web3 recruiting - hiring in web3 still sucks. So, I'm on a mission to make hiring transparent, effective, and efficient. Don’t believe me? Create a profile as a recruiter or a candidate at to try us out! 

We just crossed over 1200 users on our platform! The work is just getting started; we are chugging away with new roles popping up on and rolling out new features.

The theme for this week is closing the loop. So many applications go into a black box, so we have shipped some fun features to complete the experience and to reduce the latency.

We also have some new frens joining the frames family and have just booked our tix for EthDenver 2024!

But before you dive in, make sure to join /jobs on Farcaster to stay updated daily on the latest openings, referral bounties, and best talent in the market. We have over 6.5K+ casters posting everything from new roles to seeking advice on conquering the current job market. 

So without further ado, let's dive into all the interesting things happening @ and /jobs this week 🤠

Our Newest Jobs this week! 

It’s a new week, which means new friends are joining the @interestedfyi Family! 

Please welcome ABC Labs, POKT Network, ETHGlobal and the 1confirmation family including  Polymarket, Osmosis, OpenSea/receipts, Worldcoin and more to our community. This means that this week alone, we have added 32+ new jobs 🤯

Check out the roles below to express your own interest or to nominate your talented friends. If you are on FC, you can click on the Frames directly.

Don’t have Farcaster?  No worries!  If you want to know how you do this on our web app, skim through Vol. 2 here. 

  1. Warm welcome to the 1confirmation Portcos!  

We are honored to host open roles and Frames for 1confirmation’s insane portfolio. 1confirmation is one of the OG web3 VCs in our space supporting decentralization of the web and society. s/o to GP Nick Tomaino aka @nick for using Frames as a way to distribute these roles!

Starting off with OpenSea who is hiring for 2 Senior Software Engineers for backend  + full-stack.

Worldcoin is bringing on over 1B humans on-chain and are looking for a rockstar Senior PMBac and Backend Engineer to scale the protocol. 

Rated is looking for a Staff-level engineering lead with a strong focus on execution and a passion for distributed systems, data + APIs.

Osmosis has over 5 roles on our website from Engineering to Marketing to Dev Rel. Check their page below to choose the best fit for you or your peers. 

Polymarket is hiring a Senior SWE that will build the future of prediction markets. Click the Frame directly to check out the role!

If you love working out, accountability + tracking your health in a web3 way, apply to be /receipts newest Lead iOS engineer. You will play a crucial role in the team and will be leading out their key iOS application 

  1. We going worldwide with EthGlobal 

Conference season is back in swing and ETH Global is the cornerstone of crypto events . Join their global team of multitalented event planners, engineers and marketers to bring the largest, most elaborate events to the Ethereum community. 

Browse through to our openings below as they are hiring across the board for software engineers, content managers, event planners and ops. 

  1. POKTNetwork is scaling fast!

This one is super special - @b3nnn has always been someone that I truly respect and look up to. And he has been a supporter of my work since the early days of PEEPLE. I am beyond grateful to be able to come full circle and host an @interestedfyi Frame for their latest opening.

Join the best and most essential RPC providers in the space as a Technical leader. Click on the Frame below to nominate yourself or someone who is technical product wizz. 

  1. ABC Labs is looking for their next PM 

Stablescoins will be one of the key entry points for mass adoption. And ABC Labs is building @reserve Protocol to democratize financial access for all. If you are ready to build one of the most essential protocols and love leading products, one click apply on the Frame below.

Closing the Loop

We are getting so many new roles every week that it's crucial we help close the loop. Our goal is to help reduce the latency  from application/referral to offer and this means making ruthless design choices to help create tighter flows between users and personas, enable multiplayer experiences and make web3 hiring fun. 

Here is what we focused on last week: 

End 2 End Scheduling is here 🎉

And what we’ve achieved is probably one of my favorite features; end to end scheduling! At the end of the day, we want to connect talent and teams as fast and securely as possible. This should close the loop quicker when talent and teams express mutual interest through our frames or at

Check out our lil’ demo below. We are so excited to roll this out this week. Stay tuned for any and all updates.

Upcoming Features 👀

We will still be shipping during Denver next week. We’ve done a couple rounds of user feedback and are going to focus on rolling out the following:

  • Open bounties dashboard 

  • Direct cast Notifications - Candidates can follow our @interestedfyi bot on Farcaster and get notification on their application status  

  • We are bringing back our Salary tool

  • UX clean ups 

Also quick PSA: Hiring is ramping up and if you are tired of getting unqualified, non-vetted folks in your inbox, we can help. If you have open roles and want to launch an @interestedfyi Frame with targeted web3 distribution, DM me at alec.eth on Farcaster or @Chipagoesfinest on X. I can get you started 🙂

We won Purple Retroactive Round 💜

We are so excited to announce that @interestedfyi won 2rd place for a Purple Retroactive Round! The 24 hours leading to it has been intense and we are immensely grateful to all the amazing Purple holders that voted for us. We are even more honored to be listed amongst some of the greatest teams on Farcaster. 🙏

Purple DAO is the first DAO on FC with the goal to proliferate + expand the Farcaster protocol. We love building for the FC community but have been 100% bootstrapped so far. 

Thank you again to all the 🟪 holder and friends who spread the word and advocated for us. 1 ETH may not seem like much but for our small team, it makes a world of difference in helping us pay our infra bills, contributing to open bounties and iterating our next sprint for you.

Woohoo! We made it! 

Wow this is probably the quickest read I’ve ever produced. But as always I have a super quick TLDR for our busy bees. 

  1. Check out 32+ new jobs from ETHGlobal, POKTNetwork, ABCLabs and the 1 confirmation network on

  2. Watch demo of our latest feature here

  3. Join our community of 6.5K+ founders, builders, candidates and VCs  on /jobs in FC

  4. Come meet me in Denver next week! I’ll be sharing my schedule very soon and would love talk jobs, founder life, FC and more with you in the Mile High City

Thank you again for another amazing week at It’s time for me to get back to the grind, but my DMs and DCs are always open if you are looking for career support or want to post your open roles on

Make sure to subscribe to I'm Interested so that you can keep up with our latest job openings, get connected to hiring teams faster, and keep a pulse on web3's hottest talent. Until next week, stay interested!

Alec 🤠

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