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Claiming your Dominion in /tabletop

Why Dominion is a great gateway game and how to play online with friends as part of OnGame Summer 🌞

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Key Takeaways

  1. Dominion is super fun because you get to quickly build a deck of cards over the course of the game and can quickly iterate on strategies against your opponents!

  2. Use to play Dominion together with friends online!

    • 2 min to setup

    • 10 min to play

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My last gaming article talked through how you can play Catan online and in person in 2024.

Dominion is another game that's worth checking out. It's fun, fast, familiar to those who've played Collectible Card Games (CCGs) like MtG, and you can play with friends online for free. It's super fun because you get to build your own deck of cards to test against your opponents!

Dominion by Donald Vaccarino

Dominion is super fun because you get to quickly build a deck of cards over the course of the game and can quickly iterate on strategies against your opponents!

I typically shy away from CCG games because I don't feel confident building decks and I'm not interested in spending a ton of money to fill it out with the perfect cards. Dominion is great for me because I get to build the deck as I play and it's fast enough to play multiple rounds with the same folks to try out different strategies!

Keep reading to learn how to play Dominion and how you can host your very own fun game night online or in person! Do it with other Farcasters to earn a free month of the /tabletop channel subscription!

How to Play Dominion

▼How to Play Dominion in 3 minutes (video)

  • Players win Dominion by having the most victory points at the end of the game.

    • Earn Victory Points (VPs) by buying land cards: Provinces, Estates, and Dutchys

  • Players improve their decks each turn by spending money cards to add new cards into their decks

  • Switch to buying land cards to get Victory Points (VPs)

  • The game ends when:

    1. All the Province cards are taken

    2. Three different card types have been fully bought (supply pile is empty)

  • Count up VPs and compare with other players to figure out the winner

  • It's free to play online with the base game, and tons of fun just with that. Players can purchase a subscription to play with the expansions

Join us for a Game

Join us in the /tabletop gather(.)town for a game!

Organize a Dominion Game

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An Online Game

Prep before the game

  1. Schedule a time with friends - no one to paly with? Cast about it!

  2. Set up a video call for game day

    ▼Video Calling tools

    1. Web2

    2. Free Open Source Software (FOSS)

    3. web3

  3. Set up accounts to play with

On Game Day

  1. Create a table

    ▼How to create a table

    1. Click "My Table" option in left sidebar and select your game settings

    De-select all but the base card set (shown below) to play with the simplest setup and for free.

  2. Add your friends on

    ▼Friend menu

  3. Invite your friends!

    ▼Have friends join your table!

    1. Friends select "Tables" from left sidebar

    2. Friends enter Host Player name (your name!)

    3. Friends select the "Play" option

After the Game

  1. Take screenshots of the final score!

  2. Cast about it + tag @ispeaknerd on Farcaster!

An IRL Game

Before the Game

  1. Get some Dominion cards

    Support the /tabletop channel by purchasing your set through our referral link

  2. Schedule a game with friends

    1. Host it at your own space

    2. No space? No problem!

      • Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGS) have community game nights

      • Find a store at, search "board game store"

On Game Day

  1. Confirm with friends, get them excited!

  2. Have fun playing Dominion!

  3. Take photos!

After the Game

  1. Cast photos of your game session in /tabletop!

  2. Cast about it + tag @ispeaknerd on Farcaster!

@vizualobserver remains untouched at #1 for Dominion

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Bonus, make your own Dominion cards!

If you're already a fan, try making some of your own cards:

Here's one kylith.eth created and I ran with it!

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