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The Must-Join Newsletters in the Web3, NFT, Security, DeFi, AI and Crypto Space

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The world of Web3, NFTs, Security, DeFi, AI and Cryptocurrencies is constantly evolving, and it can be tough to keep up.

To stay ahead of the curve, subscribing to the right newsletters is crucial.

Here are some of the must-join newsletters that will keep you informed and on the cutting edge of the industry:

1. The Milk Road - Get Smarter About Crypto Everyday!

2. Blockchain Threat Intelligence - The latest in blockchain, DeFi and exchange threat intelligence on hacks, vulnerabilities, security tools, and events.

3. Web3 Daily - Your gateway drug to Web3.

4. Ben's Bites - Your daily dose of what's going on in AI.

5. Seedphrase Daily - The Morning Newsletter for Crypto & Web3.

6. Doodhwala Daily - Taaza (fresh) 2-minute crypto news straight to your email and into your veins.

7. Web3 Samaj - Covering Indian web3 news and developments.

8. Bankless - The ultimate guide to DeFi, NFTs, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

9. BanklessDAO

10. The Daily Degen - Daily defi + macro news, data, updates, and alerts in a quick easy to read format!

11. 1440 - Facts. Without motives. In 1 daily news briefing.

12. Tools For Crypto - Get updates on the newest crypto and web3 tools!

13. DeFi Education - Educational DeFi Content from the BowTiedBull Team.

14. Daily Loop - Daily 2 minutes of information that will prompt your brain to think differently!

15. Revelo Intel - Daily newsletter aimed at delivering concise & detailed Crypto content to keep you up to date & save you time.

16. The Drop - Breaking NFT News + Artist Spotlights + Weekly Project Breakdowns

17. Music NFTs

18. DeFi Edge - Your Nerdy DeFi Friend Who Hooks You Up With Good Info

19. Web3 Academy - Your resource for learning to use NFTs, Crypto, and Blockchain to build thriving communities and sustainable business models.

20. WGMI Media - Every Thursday, you’ll learn how you can use new technologies to supercharge your success. New business ideas, AI tools, life hacks, and more – all in a five-minute email.

21. Crypto Scroll - Web3, Defi, & All Things Crypto In One Scroll.

22. OxTrends - Data-driven insights into the fastest-growing crypto protocols.


24. William Metaversal - The ultimate guide to DeFi, NFTs, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

25. Kaloh - Every week, I write about emerging and established NFT artists, market analysis, news, and events in the NFT art space.

26. Crypto Jargon - latest crypto trends and news.

27. Week in Ethereum News

28. Security Pills - A weekly newsletter for smart and curious people interested in security, technology, and smart contracts.

29. The Immersive Wire - Receive concise analysis on the metaverse every Monday, giving you a competitive edge. Read by over 6,000 experts in Accenture, Meta, Snap, and others. Once subscribed, confirm it in your inbox.

30. Smoothie - Learn crypto. With visual storytelling.

31. Tascha Labs - deep insights on web3 economy and crypto macro outlook that help you become smarter and richer.

32. Alpha Please - We are a content and research collective focusing on generating alpha from the world of crypto.

33. OnChain Wizard - I am researching, historical case studies of crypto blowups, random alpha bursts and monthly whale watching data.

34. Decrypt - Choose the crypto news you want sent straight to your inbox.

35. Messari - world-class research from the Messari analysts, and the top crypto news of the day in your inbox each morning.

36. WTF Crypto - crypto made stupidly easy.

37. DeFi Fridays - Summary of a DeFi topic with resources.

38. The Ranch - Interesting insights on DAOs, governance, DAO treasuries, and more.

39. Delphi Digest - Hundreds of institutions leverage our world-class research to navigate the crypto industry.

40. The Ape Enclosure - The only crypto newsletter that makes DeFi so simple your Dad can understand every Tuesday & Thursday.

41. NFT Evening - Join 25K fellow NFT investors, collectors and enthusiasts by reading our free, 5 minute daily newsletter with a unique view on the world of NFTs.


43. Bot Eat Brain - AI newsletter for news and memes.

44. Carbano Insights - If you want to know what's going on in the ecosystem but can't keep up with crypto-Twitter, this is for you.

45. Flippening - Crypto newsletter covering the latest insights and analysis into Web3, blockchain, DeFi and more.

Whether you're an artist, a trader, an investor, or just interested in the future of these technologies, these newsletters will help you stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in the industry.

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