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Kiwi x Dappcon Writing Challenge

Dear crypto writers,

we are happy to announce that you will have a chance to win 1,000 xDAI!

Next week, we will start an open contest for writers called the “Dappcon Writing Challenge.” The contest is organized by Kiwi, the app curating top content about crypto tech, products & culture, in collaboration with Dappcon, one of the leading European crypto conferences.

Writers will be able to win 2x500 xDAI prizes and receive extra distribution from the Kiwi and Dappcon communities.

To participate, writers just need to submit their Dappcon ‘24-related posts to the Kiwi app (more on this below).

Tl;dr of rules

There are two ways to take part in our challenge: 

1) Remote

  • Watch talks from Dappcon (you can access the timestamped talks in this document).

  • Write a post inspired by one of the talks. You can agree and expand the talk's main points; you can disagree with the speaker or share some new perspective - there are no hard rules here.
    (Here's an example of a post inspired by the panel)

  • Share your post on Kiwi.

  • Share your post on X and tag @Dappcon_Berlin and @KiwiNewsHQ for a chance of a retweet.

2) In-person

  • Attend Dappcon '24.

  • Write a post where you share your personal Dappcon story. How was it? Who have you met? What have you learned? Anything that would reflect your personal experience.
    (Here's an example of a recap)

  • Share your post on Kiwi.

  • Share your post on X and tag @Dappcon_Berlin and @KiwiNewsHQ for a chance of a retweet.

How the Dappcon Writing Challenge is going to work

  1. The contest starts on 21/05 and ends on 9/06 [EDIT: the first deadline was 2/06, but some writers told us that it's too short, so we extended it]. During this period, writers can submit to Kiwi their Dappcon ‘24-related posts and recaps.

  2. Writers can publish their posts in any open medium: Paragraph, Substack, Twitter, personal website, and so on.

  3. There will be two categories for posts: 

    a) for people who attend Dappcon and write a Rhino-like recap,

    b) for people who just watch the talks online and write posts inspired by Dappcon's talks, announcements, or panels.

  4. The writer must add the line "This post is taking part in the Kiwi x Dappcon Writing Challenge" at the start or end of their post.

  5. If a writer can’t submit the links to Kiwi themselves, they can ask one of the Kiwi community members to do so. They can also DM Mac on Twitter.

  6. There will be only one winner in each category.

  7. The winner will be determined by the number of upvotes received on Kiwi.

  8. If two users receive the same number of upvotes, the winner will be decided by Tim & Mac.

  9. On 15/06 [EDIT: the first date was 10/06, but one writer suggested that we give people more time to read the submissions, so we extended it], we calculate the final scores and reveal the winners in the next five days. There will be two winners—one for each category—and each will receive 500 xDAI after undergoing the basic KYC and sending us an invoice/receipt. 

  10. The winners will be announced to the public via blog posts and tweets on Kiwi.

  11. If writers want their submissions to be retweeted, they should also share links to their posts on Twitter, tagging @dappcon_berlin and @KiwiNewsHQ. The best submissions will earn retweets from our accounts.


Since the beginning, Kiwi has been focused on helping crypto writers. We have surfaced the best crypto-related content and given writers access to new, well-educated crypto readers.

This contest helps to further our mission and lets writers earn not only attention but also some money.

We hope that you’re going to like it!

If you have any questions, feel free to DM @macbudkowski on Twitter or post your question in the comment section of this Twitter thread.

PS: You can find all the Dappcon Main Stage talks here.

PS2: We want the best posts to win. So, if we see any attempts to game the contest, e.g., by creating multiple accounts to upvote a particular post, we reserve the right to modify the way we determine the winner. One alternative way would be to only count votes by users above the specific karma score threshold or by users who created accounts before a particular date.

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