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Kiwi opens Feedbot for submissions

Recently, we set up a Feedbot that puts the best crypto blog posts on Kiwi.

Why did we do it? Kiwi's primary mission is to create a space where top crypto ideas can be shared and discussed. To achieve that, our community curates content from hundreds of sources.

Some of the blogs shared on Kiwi have maintained a high-quality standard for a long time. So, our Feedbot automatically puts links to new posts from these blogs in the /New feed to ensure that our curators don’t miss a good piece. 

The list of blogs consists of popular authors like Vitalik, Polynya, and Balaji, as well as more indie ones like Dan Fowler, Blockchain Socialist, and Cerv1

How does Feedbot work

  1. We run a curated list of top crypto blogs and map them with their RSS feeds.

  2. Whenever a new post from the listed blog is published, Feedbot adds a link to it to the /New tab. It has 0 upvotes until someone upvotes it.

    Feedbot submission in the feed
  3. When one of our curators upvotes it, the link gets 1 upvote, and the curator is labeled as a person who submitted the link.

Kiwi is focused on crypto tech, products & culture. So, at this point, we are not interested in trading-related content.

If you are unsure if a blog fits our guidelines, you can read the guidelines here. If your blog (or the blog you like) fits these criteria, you can apply to be featured via the form below.

Click the link below to apply to get featured by Kiwi Feedbot:

How Kiwi supports writers

Every week, the Kiwi Feed welcomes tens of crypto essays handpicked by our community. We've been helping crypto writers by giving them an opportunity to be noticed by thousands of readers.

We do it by:

1) Subtly highlighting original writers' posts in the feed:

2) Prominently displaying recent posts on authors' profiles:

3) Helping them receive tips via Farcaster tipping Frames

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