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Taking curation to the next level: Kiwi Product Update

At Kiwi, we have been focused on building community-curated media. So far, we have 1,200+ monthly readers & 80+ monthly curators, and we plan to make it even easier to curate & meet people with shared interests.

So here’s what we did since the last update to make it happen:

1. You can now read & create Lists to dive deep into one subject.

Spotify playlists help us dive into a genre such as rock, pop, or hip hop. Our Kiwi lists are similar - they help you dive into specific subjects such as decentralization, crypto, art, etc.

Currently, we have 7 lists:
- The Nouniverse: curated by ccarella.eth
- Composable Culture: curated by
- Proof of Art: curated by mishaderidder.eth
- Understanding Public Goods: curated by timdaub.eth
- Farcaster World: curated by macbudkowski.eth
- Dive into Protocols: curated by timdaub.eth
- Web3 Builders Podcasts: curated by macbudkowski.eth

If you have ideas for other lists, DM @macbudkowski or @timdaub on Telegram.

2. We shared 0.75 ETH with the most active community members via Retro Public Goods Funding.

Kiwi community members get karma for each submission and upvote they receive. We used it to calculate their voting power on PropHouse so they could choose the most active community members. The voting has ended, and we paid out ETH to the winners.

It’s an upgrade since the last time we handpicked the grant recipients. Feel free to reach out to us if you'd like to contribute.

3. Our bots on Farcaster & Twitter share the 6 most upvoted links a day.

Some of you said you want our crypto links integrated with your daily habits, so our bots came to the digital spaces where you spend your time.

Bots' links:

Twitter bot - link

Farcaster bot - link

Upcoming: Lens & Telegram bots.

4. It’s easier to learn about people posting good content.

If you see someone curating good content, you can now read other stories they picked, see their bio, check their projects, and so on.

We do it by fetching ENS avatars & links, displaying karma, and mapping users' wallet address with their Farcaster accounts. You can also check all their submissions.

Just type in “”

5. We summed up all KiwiPass utility on one page.

There’s a new subpage that explains all the benefits of minting the KiwiPass & joining the Kiwi community.

You can check the KiwiPass page here - link.

6. You can now earn ETH by referring Kiwi to your friends.

The program is simple - if someone mints Kiwi via your referral, you’ll get 0.00222ETH thanks to ZORA protocol rewards.

You can learn more here - link.

7. Main feed is now better.

We worked a lot on fine-tuning the algorithm so that the Main Feed displays the best links. One interesting mechanism is that when the feed is slow, links by people who historically got many upvotes per submission can more easily get into the Hot Feed. 

8. There’s an easy way to become a more advanced Kiwi user.

If you click the staircase icon on the sidebar, you can learn about more advanced Kiwi features.

You can check this page here - link.

9. You can submit links on iOS with 2 clicks.

We created an iOS shortcut you can use to submit links to Kiwi easily.

Learn more about the shortcut here - link.

10. You can see who upvoted your submissions.

We fixed notifications so you can get this nice feeling when checking people who upvoted the stuff you found interesting.

11. Our PWA got more stable.

You can download it by opening the website on your Android or iOS phone and clicking the “Install our app” button.

12. Protocol & site work better now.

We fixed some protocol-level bugs and optimized the site. Plus, we introduced CloudFlare caching, so it should load faster.

Other Kiwi-related News:

1. You can now find Kiwi on Farcaster, Coinbase & Optimism app stores.

Farcaster App Store - link

Optimism App Store - link 

Coinbase App Store - link

2. We held meetups at Berlin Blockchain Week, ETH Warsaw & EthCC.

The next meetup is in Istanbul at Devconnect. You can register here -  link.

3. We spoke about Kiwi at top crypto conferences.

Tim presented Kiwi P2P tech at Protocol Berg, Mac spoke about onchain media at Dappcon’s Broadcast panel.

The next Tim's presentation is at ZuSocial at Devconnect. If you want to come, reach out to @timdaub on Telegram.

4. We distributed 10,000 GoerliETH to ETH Hackathons.

Mac asked Malte & Maria Paula from his previous project - Goerlinator - if he could distribute the remaining GoerliETH.

They agreed, so we distributed 10,000 GoerliETH all around the globe to teams from ETH Montreal, ETH Chicago, ETH Singapore, ETH Warsaw, ETH Accra, and ETH Safari.

5. Kiwi got noticed by crypto blogs.

Yash Bora wrote a longer piece about Kiwi. ThirdWeb included Kiwi in their post about Farcaster.

6. Kiwi brand is now Open Source, so our community is welcome to remix it.

The Figma file is available here - link.

7. We reorganized Kiwi Weekly, so it's easier to read it.

We added sections so it's easier to find things that you find interesting.

You can read the latest episode here - link.

8. We Immortalized the Kiwi meme on Base.

This is something we did some time ago, but it's worth mentioning. We immortalized Kiwi meme by sharing the story at We even got featured on Base Onchain Summer.

9. We got grants from Purple & Warpcast.

We got awarded the 3rd edition of the Purple Grants and the 1st edition of the Warpcast grants.

That's all for now. If you'd like to learn more about Kiwi or contribute (we are open source), visit our welcome page - link or DM @timdaub or @macbudkowski on Telegram.

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