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Kiwi News Recap #41: 25/03-01/04

gm before we start a short info:

We partnered with Rhino Review, a newsletter focused exclusively on ETH staking, supported by the EthStaker community & Ethereum Foundation.

From now on all new episodes of Rhino will be automatically added to the Kiwi /New feed via Feedbot. We will also give 10 free Kiwipasses to the Rhino community, so if we have some staking-related links on Kiwi, we can expect insightful comments

If you’d like to read Rhino Review journal, you can find it at

And below you can find the top Kiwi picks from last week (plus this Monday since we took a day off for Easter). As last week we had many memecoin-related essays, we put them all in a separate category.


SBF sentenced to 25 years for crypto fraud
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

Optimism Collective introduces the future Retro Funding rounds
submitted by mishaderidder.eth | 2 comments

Coinbase to store more of its $220M USDC holdings on Base
submitted by timdaub.eth

Seed Club announces its SC07 consumer crypto cohort
submitted by cojo.eth | 1 comment

Degen Chain has been launched
submitted by timdaub.eth

Kiwi opens Feedbot for submissions
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

Merkle reportedly gets unicorn valuation after a round led by Paradigm
submitted by timdaub.eth, Ocean Protocol and SingularityNET unite to create ASI
submitted by timdaub.eth

Coinbase must face the US securities regulator's lawsuit
submitted by timdaub.eth

Summer of Protocols opens applications for Protocol Improvement Grants (PIGs)
submitted by timdaub.eth

Memecoins essays

Vitalik explains how we could utilize memecoins
submitted by mishaderidder.eth | 1 comment

freezer explores the history and the future of memecoins
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Li Jin suggests that memecoins might become a new GTM strategy
submitted by timdaub.eth | 4 comments

CL shares their opinion on memes
submitted by timdaub.eth

Simon de la Rouviere explores the current memecoin discourse and shares his perspective
submitted by timdaub.eth

Kairon dives deep into $DEGEN, analyzing its history, tech, growth and ecosystem
submitted by 0xluo.eth | 1 comment

Android Sixteen describes the Degen wealth effect
submitted by timdaub.eth

Xingpt tries to nail what made $DEGEN a $1B project in three months
submitted by qiaoliang.eth | 1 comment

Clout explores his thoughts on the Memecoin Supercycle
submitted by nftfuckboy.eth

Flora Marquez draws a comic book introduction to DEGEN
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Crypto Essays & Talks

Mac reflects on his journey from replyguy to crypto writer and founder
submitted by macbudkowski.eth | 7 comments

Vitalik introduces the idea of degen communism
submitted by pedrovilela.eth

Mark Beylin suggests that the token is the product
submitted by timdaub.eth | 7 comments

Carl Cervone shares his thoughts on Optimism's new RPGF direction
submitted by auditless.eth | 2 comments

Honest Broker shares some tips on how to break free from dopamine culture
submitted by pedrovilela.eth | 1 comment

Paul Graham shares his story with the Reddit founders'
submitted by timdaub.eth

Frota explains what it is Composable Culture and why it matters
submitted by frotograf.eth

tervo shares his Replyguys Manifesto
submitted by timdaub.eth

Vitalik writes about the post-blobs Ethereum future
submitted by pedrovilela.eth | 1 comment

Galen shows how the Qing dynasty used hair for contract enforcement
submitted by crout.eth | 2 comments

Joan Westenberg explores how Warpcast could become the everything app
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

William Peaster shows how Midjourney could play an important role in the metaverse
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Ilan Ben-Mair and Michael Zargham dive deep into the concept of engineering for legitimacy
submitted by cerv1.eth

Auditless explores the subject of the marginal utility of blockspace
submitted by auditless.eth

Shayon Sengupta writes about the new class of apps: Publisher-Exchanges
submitted by qiaoliang.eth

Balaji shares a state bankruptcy scenario
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

Joakim Book explains how the bad money made the assets price grow
submitted by timdaub.eth | 1 comment

Phil Mohun shares some basic wallet security tips
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Alex Hern tries to understand how can Donald Trump’s Truth Social be worth $9B
submitted by rvolz.eth | 2 comments

Techcrunch writers about Telegram’s peer-to-peer SMS login service
submitted by mishaderidder.eth


Worldcoin implements personal custody
submitted by timdaub.eth | 2 comments

ZORA introduces minting with ERC20s
submitted by pedrovilela.eth

Spawning lets you opt-out your media from AI training
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Blobscriptions: Inscriptions in ETH blob space
submitted by timdaub.eth

$ENJOY: New rewards system for mints on Zora
submitted by annoushka.eth

Base is live on Rarible
submitted by mishaderidder.eth | 1 comment

Spotify expands into video learning content
submitted by danfowler.eth

For Devs

Tincho explains what happens when you send 1 DAI
submitted by macbudkowski.eth | 1 comment

IPFS opens registrations for the IPFS Camp 2024
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Vitalik shows how we could support decentralized staking through more anti-correlation incentives
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Dashboards & Reports

Andrew Hong presents an intro to Farcaster data
submitted by timdaub.eth

Kerman Kohli analyzes 4 Optimism airdrops
submitted by rvolz.eth


Qiaoliang publishes a provocative Review of Recent Advances in Memecoins
submitted by qiaoliang.eth | 4 comments


Martin Köppelmann on AI agents as onchain actors
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

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