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Key Infra for Onchain Creators

Introducing our OP matching program for crypto creators

Collect onchain art, music, writing, and more while earning on Layer3. Creators can unlock next-level attention and distribution while rewarding patrons. We’re also excited to announce our OP Matching Program up to 400 OP per mint — to be fully distributed as rewards for users.

Key infra for the cryptoeconomy

We’re building a decentralized distribution network with advanced discovery and incentive mechanisms. Find any dapp, chain, or wallet from DeFi to gaming and more on Layer3. In particular, we’re doubling down on empowering onchain creators.

Key benefits for creators

A vibrant creator ecosystem of new chains (Zora) and dapps for art (Highlight), music (Sound), writing (Paragraph), and podcasts (Pods) has been emerging. Onchain media is a significant evolution in how content is created and shared on the Internet today, enabling:

  • Direct ownership and provable authenticity for both creators and collectors

  • More transparent and equitable monetization with censorship-resistance

Anyone, anywhere can begin creating anything (and earning) on the platforms above. No permission needed. However, this new sector is emerging with an open question — how can you optimize for attention in the crypto creator economy?

Key results for creators & collectors

Layer3 can help unlock new audiences while rewarding new and loyal supporters. For leading creators (such as Bright Moments, Coop Records, EIC, Levy.eth, Xcelencia, etc.) our onchain experiences have driven over 100K mints across Zora, Paragraph, Sound, and Highlight.

Our Quests are distributed across and beyond — as Farcaster Frames, Paragraph Embeds, and via the Daylight network. We’ve connected many of crypto’s top creators with thousands of collectors while distributing over $100K in token rewards. Creators can reward any token, from OP to DEGEN, via Layer3.

OP matching program

Layer3 is excited to offer incentive matching for Creators — up to 400 OP per mint — to be fully distributed as rewards for users. Details:

  • Users receive the OP reward by completing each Quest on Layer3.

  • Creators are welcome to run their own incentivized campaigns beyond any OP matching; however, they must fully self-fund these mints. All rewards will be distributed to users.

  • Layer3 will soon introduce a "Retro-Rewards" program where users collecting NFTs through our Quests become eligible for future rewards based on Quests completed in the past.

A Quest should include:

  • One on-chain action, i.e. mint a *free NFT on Sound, Zora,, Highlight, Paragraph, etc.

  • One Warpcast verification, i.e. follow an account on Warpcast or hold a “Power User” Badge.

*Note: We recommend subsidizing at least 70% of the total transaction cost in rewards to encourage greater participation for each Quest.

Collaborating with Layer3 can enhance your visibility on trending pages on creator platforms to potentially drive more mints. For crypto creators, Layer3 is the leading engine to expand, engage, and reward your audience. Reach out to us on Warpcast to customize your next campaign.

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