BUILD Announcement #3

Stories and stats from BUILD Airdrop 1


  1. In 20 days, 100K participants made at least 1 nomination, and an average of 18 nominations.

  2. From the 100K that played the game, 88.5K wallet addresses are eligible to claim $BUILD.

  3. 150B $BUILD will be sent from to a Safe multisig for the Airdrop 1 claiming process.

  4. There were at least 15 projects built on top of BUILD during the 3 weeks of Airdrop 1.

  5. @macedo is the most public voice, but there are many more builders behind BUILD.

How is Airdrop 1 going

On Jun 4th, 9pm UTC, we officially ended Airdrop 1 and took a data snapshot. A total of 170K wallets connected on before this deadline.

We then excluded all wallets that didn’t make any nomination, ending up with 100K participants that made at least one nomination. They also made an average of 18 nominations during the 20 days of the game.

From this group of 100K that played, 88.5K are eligible for Airdrop 1, according to the eligibility criteria.

The next step is removing all nominations from the 11.5K non-eligible users, and the respective BUILD Points they distributed. During this step we’re also removing all non-compliant nominations (example: people that were able to nominate 4 people in one day). At this point, we have a final count of total nominations and BUILD points distributed during Airdrop 1.

The final step is assigning each participant a multiplier, based on selected Talent Passport credentials, $BUILD token owned and manual curation. This is a critical step to reward the real builders and true supporters of BUILD.

After all this, we’re finally in a position to calculate the individual allocation for each participant, and distribute the 150B $BUILD tokens (15% of the total supply) allocated to Airdrop 1.

The tokens will be sent from the wallet to a new Safe multisig wallet, dedicated to Airdrop 1 operations and claiming process. This Safe will have five multisig signers: the 4 original party hosts (@macedo, @leal.eth, @limone.eth, @simo) and @tolgadizmen (the contributor leading all finance and ops for BUILD). We will require 3 out of 5 signatures to confirm transactions.

Any unclaimed $BUILD tokens from Airdrop 1 will remain in this wallet, and will be considered part of our “BUILD Summer Fund”, to support builders during Onchain Summer. More news about the BUILD Summer Fund in the next announcement.

How BUILD started

BUILD was born on May 1st. On this day we launched the “Born to Build”, the Manifesto for Onchain Builders and a crowdfunding campaign on, to raise initial LP funds for the token.

In a matter of days, almost 10k people minted the manifesto and 700+ people joined the crowdfund, raising a total of 72.6 ETH!

A funny story is that BUILD was originally called BOSS, but after some debates with the community at Farcon, about the true potential of the project, we decided to call it BUILD, the token for all onchain builders. You can peek the early days of BUILD here.

The $BUILD token was launched on May 13th, and the BUILD Nominations game started on May 15th.

Who is building BUILD

It’s impossible to name everyone that supported BUILD during its first month of existence, starting with the 876 members on, but some deserve the public recognition.

Thank you to all that gave their time, skills and ideas to build BUILD: @leal.eth, @limone.eth, @simo, @pcbo, @tolgadizmen, @rudnevsky, @juampi, @rubendinis, pupo, @df, @albiverse, @raz, @carlos, @bianc8, @vibern, @orbulo and @jessepollak.

Thank you also to the community members that had the initiative to build things on top: @samuellhuber (for the cast action), @courinha (for the 2 Onchain Summer NFTs), @darph (for making new designs for the frame), @jondar (for building a Dune dashboard), @dos.eth (for the amazing gif), @mx1000 (for the new Manifesto NFT), @kevinmfer (for The Ultimate Based Builders video), @kos (for a cool design), @ryya, @nikhil66 and @fluffheadchaser for winning the ideas bounty.

Beyond BUILD

The best part about BUILD is the builder activity it incentivize and the cool builds it unlocks. Here’s a list of a few things the BUILD community built in 3 weeks:

  1. Coinvise launched a campaign.

  2. /farcaster-index was super quick to list $BUILD.

  3. Airstack added $BUILD to their swap frame.

  4. @sayangel helped you find builders to nominate via /bot-or-not frame.

  5. @perl included $BUILD in a couple of its games.

  6. @simo and /blurredfuture launched 3 super cool t-shirts.

  7. @pirosb3 and @bountycaster added support to $BUILD.

  8. @husson.eth and Eden launched Builders Brunch Club, on top of BUILD.

  9. @shortcake and @castdrop made frame to claim 3,000 $BUILD, if you minted the "Manifesto for Onchain Builders" NFT.

  10. @kompreni added $BUILD to and personally staked 1B $BUILD.

  11. @jackjack.eth launched a sticker pack with support for $BUILD.

  12. @robrecht and @paybot make it possible to send $BUILD tokens on Farcaster.

  13. @spenser and @swaye included $BUILD in their Memecoin Madness challenge.

  14. @harpaljadeja made a prototype of BUILD Bracelets to tip hackers IRL at hackathons.

  15. We shipped the first version of the BUILD API, and there’s already a bunch of people working on it.

Fun facts

The 3 most nominated builders that didn’t join the game were @dwr.eth (991 nominations), @vitalik.eth (974 nominations), and @jacek (747 nominations).

Since June 4th, 40K additional wallets connected to the website to check for Airdrop eligibility, adding up to a total of 210K unique wallets. These wallets are, of course, not eligible because they made no nominations, but still an interesting metric to share.

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